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Quick Business Website

Business website to showcase your services, staff, announcements, a working contact form, and reviews.

= 1.4.3= * Maintenance: replaced mysql_real_escape_string with esc_sql for compliance with PHP 5.5+ and WP 3.9.


  • New: textdomain has changed to quick-business-website. You must update your language files with the new filename for translations to work.
  • New: option to add phone number field to Contact form, with option to make it required.
  • New: Do singleton of the plugin main class and mce table buttons class.
  • Tweak: Updated description for Delete About page to stress that is will permanently delete the About page from the website.
  • Maintenance: tested and passed for WP 3.9 compatibility.


  • Fix: pending reviews showed up in some rare cases.
  • New: added option to enable sort order for Services with backwards compatibility for those without it.
  • New: Backend Branding let's you upload your own logo
  • New: Font Awesome retina-ready icons for social buttons, with option to use old icons instead.
  • New: menu dashicons for services, staff, announcements.
  • New: .pot file for localization.
  • Tweak: better style for Reviews form input fields.
  • Tweak: enqueue the widget stylesheets only when widget is being used on a page.
  • Tweak: removed generator tag from head for less markup.
  • Tweak: added width and height to wp-login page text logo.
  • Tweak: darker color for options fonts.
  • Maintenance: fixed alignment for checkboxes in theme options.
  • Maintenance: updated plugin URI.


  • New: added services categories taxonomy.
  • New: option on All Services Widget to limit by category.
  • New: dynamic menu will automatically populate service sub-menu with service category terms.
  • Tweak: on smartest reviews home page aggregate rating microdata, changed reviewCount to ratingCount.
  • Tweak: added line breaks to Reviews page business address.
  • Bug fix: Staff sort order number will populate default number in order to avoid leaving staff out of list because of missing sort order number.
  • Tweak: better CSS for staff widget and for Contact page.
  • Tweak: changed email headers in contact module to send from site and added Reply to: visitor.
  • Tweak: Changed query_posts to new WP_Query in all widgets.
  • Tested for WP 3.8 compatibility.


  • New: option to show a different amount of testimonials instead of only showing 1.
  • Tweak: Moved contact form script and style register outside the Contact page conditional so may be enqueued on any page, such as when using the shortcode.
  • Maintenance: Removed unused variable from contact.php.


  • Bug fix: missing Linkedin icon is restored.
  • Bug fix: old Reviews didn't display in admin backend if Reviews page id had been changed, or if plugin had been deactivated and reactivated.
  • Bug fix: ob_get_clean() in smartest-reviews.php needed conditional wrap.
  • Tweak: moved 'smartest-reviews' register_script outside the Reviews page conditional so people can enqueue it on other pages.
  • Tweak: better mobile CSS for Contact form and Reviews form.
  • Maintenance: removed deprecated functions, PHP notices and warnings.


  • Bug fix: fixed typo in query meta value for staff widget.
  • Bug fix: staff sort order query was messing up custom nav menus.
  • Tweak: changed staff widget query_posts to new WP_Query.
  • Minified all CSS.


  • Bug fix: code tag was left opened and messed up options panel.


  • New: Testimonials widget works on multisite now.
  • New: added link to Instruction Guides in readme and on Support tab of options panel.
  • Bug fix: priority logic for grabbing contact form delivery email was off.
  • Bug fix: 1 Smartest Reviews microdata declaration was broken.
  • Bug fix: metabox class was causing conflict with some plugins, which in some cases would break the image uploader for inserting media into posts.
  • Tweak: removed uneeded colopicker CSS and JS and datepicker.css
  • Tweak: new donate link.
  • Tweak: removed padding from Feat. Announcements widget title.
  • Updated js/ajaxupload.php
  • Updated helper text for 'Disable News Icon' option.


  • Update: compatible with WP 3.6


  • Fixed: typo on displayed text.
  • Fixed: 2 strings left unlocalized on last update
  • Tweak: Added support links to readme.
  • Removed: uneeded file in order to minify: ui.datepicker.js.


  • New - added sort order for staff, effecting on staff archive and widget.
  • Tweak - using get_post_type_archive_link() instead of hardcoded url for news, services, and staff menu items


  • Removed _vti_cnf files.
  • Tested up to WP 3.5.2.
  • Tweak - update CSS to hide regular post meta on staff and services pages on Twenty Twelve.
  • Tweak - active menu item will be highlighted for staff, news, and services on Twenty Twelve.
  • New - add Linkedin to staff meta.


  • Fixed typo, icon element should be i


  • Tweak - made contact form responsive
  • Changed support links


  • Removed unnecessary javascript files.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-14
Downloads: 4,257


4 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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