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Pure HTML allows you to add standard HTML markup that is normally removed by the visual editor using a bbcode format or code snippets

Q. What Tags Are Automatically Removed?

Currently all <br /> and <p> (and its closing counterpart) tags are removed from the input code because these are the tags that WordPress automatically add.

Q. How Do I Add Tags Without Them Being Stripped?

If you want to echo a paragraph tag or a line break, or any other tag (strong, em etc) instead of enclosing them in < and > tags, enclose them in [ ] brackets for example [p] instead of <p> The square brackets are converted after the inital tags are stripped and function as normal tags.

Q. How Do I Include a [ or ] In My Output Without It Being Removed

To prevent [ or ] being changed to the < or > (respectively) you will need to escape it using a \, so ] will become ] and [ will become [.

Q. What Happens To The Output If I Delete The Snippet It Uses?

If you delete a snippet that is being used in a page then the output generates a 404 error that displays in its place.

My Question Is Not Answered Here!

If your question is not listed here please look on: http://www.hitreach.co.uk/wordpress-plugins/pure-html/ and if the answer is not listed there, just leave a comment!

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-1-22
Downloads: 5,082


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