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Prosperent Suite

Prosperent's Tools in one plugin help monetize your blog with ease.


  • Fixed shortcodes for ProsperAds and ProsperInsert
  • Updated ProsperShop (products, coupons and local) to allow for filtering by category (eg. YOURBLOG.com/shop/category/automotive)
  • Updated ProsperentAPI


  • Fixed currency on product pages


  • Fixed StoreChecker
  • Fixed Advanced Options that were being cleared


  • Rebranded Some Parts of the plugin
  • Fixed bugs with filter settings
  • Removed second window from Dialog boxes


  • Fixed grid image issues


  • CSS updates
  • fixed front page link issue
  • fixed link targets that weren't working


  • Squashed some bugs
  • CSS updates
  • A few new options for Product Search
  • Fixed Caching and sort issue
  • Updated look of grid view


  • Squashed some small bugs
  • All short code dialog boxes have been redone. New options added to some.
  • Updated to work with WordPress Version 3.9
  • insertProd.php can now be included in a theme directory, this will change how the Inserter looks
  • javascript has been rewritten
  • CSS updates


  • Some new files didn't transfer correctly.


  • Fixed content placement and product store
  • Added Recent Searches Widget
  • Option to add categories to No Resaults on product searches, and Top Products widget (will help with niche sites)
  • Added option to change grid view image sizes
  • Fixed some theme issues
  • Plugin will now try to create prosperent_cache and prosperent-themes directories
  • Added button to clear cache under General Options (only visible when Caching is enabled)
  • Cache times are now variables for easy changing in the prosperent-suite.php file
  • Recent Searches show up at the bottom of Product Search settings, to allow you to delete unwanted searches
  • Fixed bug with '/' in brand/merchant names
  • Fixed bug that some servers weren't rendering short code .phtml
  • Fixed WordPress Demo URLs
  • Updated README.txt
  • Prosperent Demo has been redone to offer a more in depth guide


  • Fixed product search widget, broke it in last update
  • Changed some wording on settings pages


  • Fixed static stores (if you make the product store a static front page, you will need to create another store with the [prosper_store][/prosper_store] short code on it, if that page has a different link than http://you_blog.com/products, you will have to go to Advanced Options and change the Base Url to that.)
  • Fixed prosper search widget
  • Adjusted CSS for product insert
  • Fixed Advanced Settings on Activation


  • Fixed base urls, the routes were not flushing properly
  • Fixed minor CSS issues
  • Fixed product page links for similar and same products
  • Fixed broken links


  • Fixed wrong file called in Top Products Widget


  • Fixed more bugs
  • Fixed Rewrite rule bug
  • Fixed Canonical URL bug (will help with indexing)
  • Fixed some bugs inside the Product Inserter


  • Fixed bugs
  • Cache Directory giving warning and not working properly
  • Themes Directory typo on Themes setting page, should have read prosperent-themes
  • Local deals search bug
  • Link for categories not going to correct URL
  • Changed default to list view from grid (can be changed in Product Search settings)
  • Fixed error for network admin page


  • Huge update, so I went straight to 3.0 with this one
  • Added new options
  • Added the ability to use themes (There's a forum post at the Prosperent Community->Prosperent Plugins->WordPress Plugin Suite, if you want to read more about themes and how to make your own.)
  • Fixed Various Bugs
  • Added Grid View
  • Added many new options
  • Completely Rewrote the plugin for added Optimization
  • Added one Button that hold all the short codes in Visual mode
  • Added Prosper_Store and Prosper_Search as short code buttons.
  • Updated Coupons and Local to make use of the new data
  • Sort has been fixed
  • Fixed the prosperent png since they updated wordpress' admin section
  • Added option to change the label for each store
  • Fixed trends
  • Fixed routes


  • Fixed Trending Coupons
  • Some files didn't upload correctly in 2.2


  • Added option to mask URLs
  • Fixed redirection issue some were having
  • Adjusted subdirectory bug fix from last release
  • Fixed Product Insert Coupon URL bug
  • Adjusted some CSS properties


  • Added new feature to content inserter. By placing [prosperNewTitle="TEXT HERE"] you can change the phrase that the content inserter would use normally.
  • Fixed subdirectory issue with the product store.
  • Removed Comparison Limit from Product Insert. Use normal limit now, and you can still make a comparison happen.


  • Squashed bug in product insert


  • Fixed bug in Product Inserter for all pages/posts (had anonymous function that required php5.3)


  • AutoLinker now works for images (Highlight the image like you word to link a phrase and press the autolink button)
  • Updated Caching warning


  • Fixed bug in Product Insert URL
  • Updated Readme


  • Added new ProsperLink options- Link Optimizer and Link Affiliator
  • Added option to enable caching
  • Added new options for Product Insert- You can now add a product insert to every page/post easily
  • Adjusted Performance Ad Widget
  • Fixed trends bug some were having
  • Product Insert works correctly even if the Product Search is deactivated (CSS and Links)


  • Fixed Performance Ad bug when using auto as height/width


  • Add campaign functionality
  • Fixed Auto Linker Bug
  • Moved Cache directory outside of plugin directory


  • Added New ProsperLink functionality
  • Fixed Preview
  • strip_tags from twitter/facebook title meta tags
  • Pre-Set Base_URL on new activation
  • Adjust Tooltips
  • AutoLinker and Product Insert now accept multiple merchants and brands
  • Added Version Numbers to CSS and JS to avoid caching issues


  • Ease of use for everything
  • Optimizations all around
  • Performance Ad Widget updated- settings now inside widget window
  • Only one Performance Ad Widget now, place it wherever you'd like and size it any way you want
  • Added the width to the Prosper Search widget, you can use pixels, em or percentage to designate a width
  • Caching is now enabled for the Product Search (just need to make the prosperent_cache directory writable (0777) to take advantage of it)
  • Removed unused files
  • Base URL is set automatically now (can be overridden)
  • Added Performance Ad button in the page/post editors
  • Fixed/Changed AutoLinker
  • CSS Updates
  • Fixed brand/merchant filters when they had non alphanumeric characters
  • Added topics to Performance Ads, if you enter a topic, your ad will focus the products on that topic (you can enter multiple topics)
  • General Bug Fixes


  • small CSS fixes on both admin and user side
  • fixed Performance Ads width and height
  • fixed conflict with Simple URLs plugin


  • fixed issue with reroutes suddenly dying, not working in the first place
  • added new option under Product Search under Set Limits... that will affect the amount of products shown in the Similar Products and Other Products From...
  • Changed the name of the Auto-Comparer to Product Insert (same functionality and works the same so it won't mess up older shortcode, just changed the name)
  • fixed a currency issue
  • fixed coupons, they can now be filtered as intended
  • altered titles to work better for Local Deals and Celebrity
  • fixed performance ads, auto-linker, and product insert when using CloudFlare's RocketLoader
  • some css changes
  • fixed meta tag issue when not on the products page
  • removed slashes from titles
  • added fix to header redirects
  • adjusted the pulled urls to better accomodate different permalink types
  • other bug fixes that I can't think of right now

  • fixed uninstall method


  • Fixed bug with Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer when using CloudFlare's RocketLoader
  • Adjusted some CSS
  • Changed flush rules
  • Added uninstall method and uninstall option (Advanced tab)- if checked will delete all options data from table


  • Added more ways to refine your search (remove query and remove sort)
  • Added Twitter Cards
  • Added options under Advanced tab to add twitter creator and twitter site
  • Fixed coupons
  • Adjusted some CSS rules
  • Added country to Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer
  • Fixed the disappearing widgets
  • Fixed Product Search Widget and Search Short Code
  • Added more button to description on individual product pages
  • Fixed pagination bug
  • Removes page is new query, filter or sort method is used


  • More Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted Page titles
  • De-cluttered No Results page
  • Adjusted open graph rules (Facebook)
  • Fixed Auto-Linker
  • Adjusted a few options


  • Bug Fixes, fixed page titles, added Open Graph rules

2.0.2, 2.0.3

  • trying to push new css rules for productPage and admin


  • created header redirect for those who had pages indexed with the prior url structure


  • clean, SEO friendly URLs
  • expanded shop
  • added new local deals endpoint
  • updated Prosperent admin settings look, added tabs to better seperate settings
  • added rich snippets
  • trends added to No Results page
  • displays price comparisons if they exist on product page
  • added new settings, can turn on and off any endpoint, positive filters, and others


  • adjusted the last revision, only worked if you were using PHP Version 5.3+


  • bug fix for Auto-Comparer and Auto-Linker when no query is given


  • optimizations

1.2.5, 1.2.6

  • Bug Fixes


  • Updated product search and auto-comparer to look more native to your page, uses more of the same styling as your blog
  • Optimization, a lot of performance increases
  • Changed some options, be sure to look at them
  • Updated the readme, screenshots are now included to give a brief overview of the tools
  • Added another widget, this one displays the top products that are selling through Prosperent


  • Performance Ads will use any tags you may have on a post/page for a fallback for the Sidebar and Footer Ad units, if there are no tags it will use the fallback you set in the admin settings


  • Open Links in new window or tab changed to general settings, shop links now open in new window if you check that setting, does not apply to Ads though


  • Quick fix for those who were having troubles with this plugin and Jetpack, pagination will be turned off if Jetpack is active


  • Added Auto-Comparer tool
  • Short codes will now go where you place them on the page instead of defaulting to the top
  • Fallbacks for Auto-Linker and Auto-Comparer


  • Uses native colors primarily, should allow it to work with more themes
  • Fixed the transparency on the Visit Store Image


  • Removed ProsperLinks
  • AutoLinker has undergone a huge update
  • Major performance increases across all tools


  • First Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-19
Downloads: 9,952


4 stars
4 out of 5 stars


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