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Prosperent Auto-Linker

This plugin is no longer being updated, please download the Prosperent Suite instead, listed below.

Prosperent Suite The newest Prosperent Plugin, includes all other Prosperent plugins in one.

  • Please use the Prosperent Suite in place of your Prosperent Auto-Linker.
  • This plugin is no longer being updated.
  • The Prosperent Suite contains the newest version of the Prosperent Auto-Linker and other tools.

Prosperent Auto-Linker

Adds Auto-Linker buttons to HTML and Visual editor in WordPress for pages and posts. When text is highlighted an the button is pressed it will place [linker] short tags around the highlighted phrase connecting it to the Prosperent Product Search. Also puts Auto-Linker settings under the settings menu. Allowing you to link more commonly used phrases.

On the HTML editor the button is named 'auto-linker'. In the Visual Editor, the button is the one with the gears on it.

When using the Visual Editor, a dialog box will pop up when the button is clicked, allowing you to alter the query used with the highlighed phrase. once you hit submit if you changed the query it should look something like [linker q="ipad 4 case"]ipad 4[/linker]. The q variable will change the query used when someone clicks on Ipad 4 within the blog.

Why Prosperent Auto-Linker?

This plugin does a couple things. You can map words that appear in posts to product searches. For example, if you configure the plugin like so:

  • nike => nike shoes
  • soccer cleats

Anytime you publish a wordpress post with the word nike in it, it will be linked to a search result page for nike shoes. If you publish a post with soccer cleats in it, the plugin links you to a soccer cleats product search page.

The second addition is a tool that helps you quickly link words to product search pages when writing a new post. There is a Prosperent gear button. You simply highlight a word or phrase in your post, click the gear and it gets linked to a product search page.

We have an ever growing community, which is always willing to answer questions and lend a helping hand, and our team here at Prosperent is also available on the forum.

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Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2014-3-13
Downloads: 1,036


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