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Posts To Do List

Share post ideas with writers, suggest them writing topics and keep track of the posts ideas with a to do list.


  • New option to prevent non-admins from claiming posts already assigned to other users (works in real time: if a post is claimed and another user tries to claim one second later because it still displays as unassigned, an error occurs).
  • New option to prevent non-admins from claiming a post if they have not completed their latest assignment.


  • When assigning items, users can be filtered by user role.


  • Dashboard page now visible to all users with the capability edit_posts.


  • Fixed a bug which resulted in a fatal error due to PHP 5.4 incompatibility. Sorry!


  • Updated the plugin URI, which pointed to a non-existent page.


  • Bugfix: AJAX actions may have triggered PHP warning because of WordPress change of policy with wpdb->prepare() (actions were still executed, though).
  • Bugfix: new installations missed an option, which resulted in a PHP warning in the Options page for the roles able to unassing items. If you experience this, just check a role for that permission, save, then uncheck it and save again.


  • A new button in the options page allows to delete all the already marked as done items.


  • If enabled in the plugin options page, when a newly added post is assigned to a certain user, an email is automatically sent to them with the details of the new item.


  • Users can now assign to themselves posts added to the list as unassigned and assigned to other users.
  • Users can now unassign from them posts assigned to themselves.
  • A new permission allow to define what user role can unassign posts from themselves.
  • Actions that need a reload of the list because of list sorting not get that reloading (deleting, assigning and unassigning).


  • First release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-7
Downloads: 2,005


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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