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Posts in Sidebar

This plugin adds a widget to display a list of posts in the WordPress sidebar.


  • NEW: The section with author, date, and comments can now be displayed before the post's excerpt.
  • Various small improvements.


  • NEW: Added option to exclude posts with certain IDs.
  • NEW: Added option to display image before post title.
  • NEW: Completed options for Order by parameter.
  • Now the plugin requires at least WordPress 3.5.
  • Code optimization.
  • The class for the custom container class is now sanitized.
  • The custom container receives now only a single CSS class.
  • Completed the PhpDocumentor tags.


  • NEW: The cache can be flushed now.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.


  • NEW: Added a field to define a class for a container.
  • NEW: Now the user can define a cache when retrieving posts from database.


  • FIX: The HTML for ul is now fixed.


  • NEW: The posts can be retrieved using the ID (props by Matt).
  • NEW: The list of posts can now be displayed in a numbered list (props by Sean).
  • NEW: The excerpt can be displayed up to the "more" tag (props by EvertVd).
  • FIX: There are no more empty spaces after "Category" or "Tags" text.
  • The widget panel has been slightly enlarged.
  • Deleted unused options in widgets dropdown menus.
  • Minor refinements.


  • FIX: fetching posts from tags now works correctly.
  • Updated Hebrew translation, thanks to Ahrale.


  • NEW: Added option for adding user defined styles (props by Ahrale).
  • NEW: Added option for setting the space around the image (props by Ahrale).
  • NEW: Added check for rtl languages (the arrow can now be from right to left, props by Ahrale).
  • NEW: Added option for ordering by "Menu order" and "Comment count" (props by hypn0ticnet).
  • Updated Hebrew translation (thanks to Ahrale).
  • Minor bug fixings.
  • Minor enhancements.


  • NEW: added option for rich content.
  • NEW: added option for displaying the custom fields value/key of the post.
  • NEW: added option for removing bullets and extra left space for the list elements.
  • Code improvements.


  • FIX: image align has been fixed (thanks to Clarry).


  • FIX: If the post is password protected, now the post password form is displayed before showing the post.
  • NEW: Now the user-defined excerpt can display a paragraph break, if any.
  • NEW: Added Hebrew translation, thanks to Ahrale.
  • Other minor changes.


  • NEW: The space after each line can be defined via widget interface.
  • NEW: The featured image can be aligned with text.
  • NEW: Added apply_filters where needed.
  • FIX: HTML structure for the archive link is now W3C valid, thanks to cilya for reporting it.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to cilya.
  • Minor bug fixings.


  • New: added post format as option to get posts.
  • New: added option for link to custom post type archive.
  • New: added option for link to post format archive.
  • Other minor changes.


  • New: The widget can display the author of the post.
  • New: Now the user can choose which type of posts to display: posts, pages, custom post types, etc.
  • New: The widget can display the full content (as in single posts).
  • New: Now the user can add a custom "Read more" text.
  • Added French translation by Thérèse Lachance.
  • Code improvements and sanitization.


  • New: if in single post, the user can now stylize the current post in the sidebar (feature request from lleroy).


  • New: Now the title of the widget can be linked to a user-defined URL (feature request from Mike).


  • New: Now the user can add an introductory text to the widget (feature request from Mike).


  • New: The date can be linkified or not.
  • New: The widget panel now shows empty categories and tags.
  • New: The 'No posts yet.' text can be customized.
  • Bug fix: The markup no longer shows empty containers.
  • Some minor enhancements.


  • Changed the minimum required WordPress version to 3.3.
  • Added Persian language, thanks to AlirezaJamali.


  • Enhancement: Now the user can display the entire content for each post. Feature request from sjmsing
  • Moved screenshots to /assets/ directory.


  • Enhancement: Now it is possible to show the categories of the post
  • Enhancement: Now it is possible to exclude posts coming from some categories and/or tags
  • Moved the widget section into a separate file.


  • Updated Credits section.


  • Small typo in readme.txt.


  • First release of the plugin.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-16
Downloads: 34,063


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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