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Portfolio Slideshow

Add a clean, responsive javascript slideshow to your site. The slideshow integrates well into any design, supports fluid-width themes, and offers lots

Extract the zip file and upload the contents to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the plugin from plugins page.

The settings & reference page for the plugin is in "Settings -> Portfolio Slideshow"

To use the plugin, upload your photos to your post or page using the "Upload and Manage Images" button in the Portfolio Slideshow metabox. Use the [portfolio_slideshow] shortcode to display the slideshow in your page or post (see screenshots for an example).

Since WordPress 3.5, the media uploader looks slightly different than it used to, but everything works the same as it always has. Here's a video of how to upload images in WordPress 3.5.

By default, the slideshow will use the medium version of the image that WordPress generates when you upload an image. You can change this default in the Settings panel or on a per-slideshow basis. The image sizes available are "thumbnail", "medium", "large", and "full".

The shortcode supports the following attributes:

If you would like to customize your slideshows on a per-slideshow basis, you can add the following attributes to the shortcode, which will temporarily override the defaults.

To select a different page parent ID for the images:

[portfolio_slideshow id=xxx]

To change the image size you would use the size attribute in the shortcode like this:

[portfolio_slideshow size=thumbnail], [portfolio_slideshow size=medium], [portfolio_slideshow size=large], [portfolio_slideshow size=full]

This setting can use any custom image size that you've registered in WordPress.

You can add a custom slide container height:

[portfolio_slideshow slideheight=400]

Useful if you don't want the page height to adjust with the slideshow.

Image transition FX:

[portfolio_slideshow trans=scrollHorz]

You can use this shortcode attribute to supply any transition effect supported by jQuery Cycle, even if they're not in the plugin! List of supported transitions here Not all transitions will work with all themes, if in doubt, stick with fade or none.

Transition speed:

[portfolio_slideshow speed=400]

Add a delay to the beginning of the slideshow:

[portfolio_slideshow showtitles=true], [portfolio_slideshow showcaps=true], [portfolio_slideshow showdesc=true] (use false to disable)

Time per slide when slideshow is playing (timeout):

[portfolio_slideshow timeout=4000]


[portfolio_slideshow autoplay=true]

Exclude featured image:

[portfolio_slideshow exclude_featured=true]

Disable slideshow wrapping:

[portfolio_slideshow nowrap=true]

or enable it like this:

[portfolio_slideshow nowrap=false]

Clicking on a slideshow image::

Clicking on a slideshow image can advance the slideshow or open a custom URL (set in the media uploader):

[portfolio_slideshow click=advance] or [portfolio_slideshow click=openurl]

Navigation links can be placed at the top:

[portfolio_slideshow navpos=top]

or at the bottom:

[portfolio_slideshow navpos=bottom]

Use [portfolio_slideshow navpos=disabled] to disable navigation altogether. Slideshow will still advance when clicking on slides, using the pager, or with autoplay.

Pager (thumbnails) position can be selected: [portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=top]

or at the bottom:

[portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=bottom]

or disabled :

[portfolio_slideshow pagerpos=disabled]

Include or exclude slides:

[portfolio_slideshow include="1,2,3,4"]

[portfolio_slideshow exclude="1,2,3,4"]

You need to specify the attachment ID, which you can find in your Media Library by hovering over the thumbnail. You can only include attachments which are attached to the current post. Do not use these attributes simultaneously, they are mutually exclusive.

Multiple slideshows per post/page:

You can insert as many slideshows as you want in a single post or page by using the include/exclude attributes,

[portfolio_slideshow include="1,2,3"]

[portfolio_slideshow include="4,5,6"]

This example will create two slideshows on the page with two sets of images. Remember, the attachment ID can be found in your Media Library by hovering over the thumbnail. You can only include attachments which are attached to the current post.

Additional features from the settings page

Autoplay: Where timeout equals the time per slide in milliseconds. Leave this set to 0 for the default manual advance slideshow.

Allow links to external URLs: By checking this box, you can enable a custom field in the photo gallery manager to hold a URL - for example, if you want your slide to link to a portfolio page or to an external site. This disables the "click slide to advance feature" and will cause problems if you've got anything but a URL in the that field, so use it wisely.

Disable slideshow wrapping: By default, a slideshow can continue cycling indefinitely; that is, if you get to the last slide, clicking "Next" will take you back to the first slide. You can disable this behavior with this setting.

Update URL with slide numbers:

On single posts and pages, you can enable this feature to udpate the URL of the page with the slide number. Example: http://example.com/slideshow/#3 will link directly to the third slide in the slideshow.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-2-22
Downloads: 346,374


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


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