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Plainview Activity Monitor

Plugin for PHP v5.4+ that monitors WordPress hooks for user activity on a blog or network.

Plugin for PHP v5.4+ that monitors WordPress hooks for user activity on a blog or network.

Currently monitored hooks:

  • delete_post
  • delete_user
  • draft_to_publish
  • password_reset
  • profile_update
  • publish_to_publish
  • publish_to_trash
  • retrieve_password
  • trash_to_publish
  • user_register
  • wp_login
  • wp_login_failed
  • wp_login_failed but without logging the attempted password
  • wp_logout
  • wp_set_comment_status
  • wpmu_delete_user

The logged information consists of:

  • A description of what was logged
  • Blog
  • Timestamp
  • Hook that was triggered
  • User ID

The activities can then be shown in global table showing activities on the whole network, or locally for just the blog you are currently viewing.

The activites can also be filtered so that only specific blogs / hooks / IPs / users are displayed.

Custom hooks

If you are a plugin developer and wish to log your custom hooks, build a plugin that extends an Activity Monitor hook!

Step 1: Make sure that the Activity Monitor is available:

if ( ! class_exists( '\\plainview\\wordpress\\activity_monitor\\Plainview_Activity_Monitor' ) )

Step 2: Create a custom hook. See any of the hooks in the include/hooks directory for examples.

Step 3: Hook into plainview_activity_monitor_manifest_hooks and then register your hook.

add_action( 'plainview_activity_monitor_manifest_hooks', 'my_example_manifest_hooks' );

function my_example_manifest_hooks( $action )
    $hook = new my_example_hook();
    $my_example_hook->register_with( $action->hooks );


Flesh out the log() or log_post() method in your hook class with something, enable the hook in the Activity Monitor settings and then wait for the hook to be called.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-14
Downloads: 2,447


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2.8 out of 5 stars


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