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PDF24 Articles To PDF

A plugin to create PDF files of articles in your blog.


  • Checked against the newest WordPress version
  • Improved styles and templates to improve the look and feel in new wordpress blogs
  • Improved some images to look better on different backgrounds
  • Smaller status window which shows the conversion process


  • Fixed a template bug


  • Image link for link plugin supported
  • Option to call user event function when creating a PDF file
  • Is't now possible to place a link everywhere inside a template and not only only after the call to pdf24Plugin_end()
  • WPML support added. The plugin now uses the WordPress Localization Technology for text of the plugin
  • Fixed a tpl tag issue
  • Fixed a script bug in plugin setting page


  • Minor fix


  • Fixed a deprecated issue regarding the PDF widget
  • Fixed the $after_widget issue


  • Added support for custom fields by surrounding the content with special plugin methods so that the PDF24 plugin knows what the content of an article is.
  • Fixed some deprecated issues
  • Added more information to the plugin options page
  • Added more information to this readme file


  • Fixed another minor bug when displaying WordPress pages


  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the determination of the blog url


  • Fixed a minor bug which was introduced in the prior version


  • Overworked and improved some core parts of the plugin to realize the new features which follows below.
  • Added the feature that you can specify the filename of the resulting PDF file. Names can be added for several blog areas. These are the home page, category pages, blog pages, single post pages and search pages. Placeholders are available for each of the different names. The new settings are available in plugin settings in admin area.
  • Added display permission for each of the plugin types (content bar, top bottom bar, sidebar, links). You can specify where the plugin can display a PDF bar or link. You can disable the bars, boxes or links on home page, category pages, blog pages, single post pages and search pages. The new settings are available in plugin settings in admin area.


  • minor fix


  • Added compression feature
  • Added compression option to settings of the plugin
  • Fixed some minor bugs


  • Added a fix to work together with the plugin wp-Typography


  • Added a new feature. You can disable the PDF boxes and PDF links on WordPress pages. The options can be configured in plugin settings. You can do that individually for each of the built in sub plugins.
  • Fixed a bug in link sub plugin. Styles could not be customized.


  • Added 2 new options in plugin settings. The PDF document template and the article entry template can be customized. It's simple HTML code which is to modify. This provides you the possibility to control the design of the created PDF file. You can add headers, footers and other elements.


  • Added dutch language file


  • Fixed a bug which has crept in in last version. The Download as PDF link was never shown in the article if the more tag was used. Now the link is shown in the article itself but not in article overview if the is cutted because of the more tag.


  • Fixed: Works now together with the WordPress more tag. The content plugin will not show it's bar it the more tag is used.
  • Fixed: Do not display the content bars of the content plugin if contents are build up for rss feed requests.
  • Fixed: Fixed a small language selection bug. There could be one case where the language selector could not find a language which results into a script warning.


  • Overworked a core part


  • Added romanian language
  • Approved for wordpress 3.1


  • Corrected and changed some styles.
  • Corrected some languages files.


  • The Widget Plugin is activated by default so that you can use the widget without activating it in plugin settings.


  • Changed the sidebar plugin to support WordPress widgets. The sidebar plugin can now be used as a widget.


  • Changed the function call get_the_date() to get_the_time() to work wit older WordPress versions


  • Fixed bug in language customization. Language can be customized again.


  • Added a PDF link feature to display PDF links everywhere in your blog.


  • Added the wanted ability to download created PDF directly without sending the PDF via email
  • Added CSS document section in settings to format a created PDF file
  • Added a lot of new predefined styles which can be customized
  • There are styles for direct PDF download and for email PDF mode
  • PDF buttons can be displayed for every visitor or only for logged in user
  • Produces better formatted PDF files
  • Added outlines to a created PDF document based on articles title
  • Visualizes the PDF creation process until the PDF is created.


  • Some changes to work better with new wordpress 3.0 version


  • Plugin order changed so that PDF24 plugin is called at last. This change fixes some problems working together with some other plugins.
  • New value encoding added in form building process to better format the output
  • Style class in admin option page added to better format this page


  • Some language files added


  • Plugins works now with php4 and php5


  • Outputs are now valid xhtml code
  • Fixed style problem when using only the top/bottom plugin


  • Restructured the plugin to work with automated installation in WordPress


  • Added language files for Swedish and Greek


  • Redesigned plugin options page to configure the plugin.
  • Added further options to configure the plugin
  • Restructured the plugin to improve performance
  • Tested with WordPress 2.8
  • Predefined languages: German, English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese


  • Introduced plugin options page to configure the plugin.

Requires: 1.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-5-9
Downloads: 24,924


2 stars
2.9 out of 5 stars


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