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Page scroll to id

Page scroll to id is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin that enables animated page scrolling to specific id within the document.


  • Changed the way 'Force single highlight' option works. When enabled, it now highlights the first highlighted element instead of last.
  • Extended highlight and target classes with additional ones in order to differentiate the first and last elements. You can now use .mPS2id-highlight-first, .mPS2id-highlight-last, .mPS2id-target-first and .mPS2id-target-last in order to target the first and last highlighted links and targets in your CSS.
  • Added 'Keep highlight until next' option. When enabled, the plugin will keep the current link/target highlighted until the next one comes into view (one element always stays highlighted).
  • Added 'Disable plugin below screen-size' option. Set the screen-size (in pixels), below which the plugin will be disabled.


  • Fixed contextual help links in plugin settings page.
  • Updated Offset field to accept comma separated values for defining different offsets for vertical and horizontal layout (e.g. 100,50).
  • Added 'Scroll to location hash' option. When enabled, the plugin will scroll to target id (e.g. <div id="id" />) based on location hash (e.g. mysite.com/mypage#id) on page load.
  • Updated readme.txt.
  • Updated help.


  • Fixed a minor bug in jquery.malihu.PageScroll2id-init.js.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Updated readme.txt.


  • Extended Offset option to accept element selectors in addition to fixed pixels values.
  • Added ps2id shortcode for creating links in content editor.
  • Added the ability to define link specific offsets via the html data attribute: data-ps2id-offset.
  • Fixed some minor issues for WordPress versions lower than 3.5.
  • Updated help and external links.
  • Changed plugin license from LGPL to MIT.


  • Minor code tweaks.


  • Minor code tweaks.
  • Minified scripts.


  • Dropped jQuery UI dependency (jQuery UI is no longer required for the plugin to work).
  • Fixed the bug of non-working links to other pages. The script now checks if href values refer to the parent document, before preventing the default behavior.
  • Fixed the bug regarding selectors referencing body class not working.
  • Any link handled by the plugin with href value #top will now scroll the page to top, if no element with id top exists.
  • Added links highlighting feature. The script adds a class (default: mPS2id-highlight) automatically on links whose target elements are considered to be within the viewport.
  • Plugin adds a class (default: mPS2id-target) automatically on targets that are considered to be within the viewport.
  • Plugin adds a class (default: mPS2id-clicked) automatically on the link that has been clicked.
  • Added offset option: Offsets scroll-to position by x amount of pixels (positive or negative).
  • The plugin script now fully validates href values and ids before scrolling the page.
  • Fixed varius minor bugs.
  • Code rewritten and optimized for better performance and maintenance.
  • For more see Plugin changelog.


  • Added support for jQuery version 1.9.


  • Removed the hard-coded plugin directory URL in order to fix errors of pointing .js files to a wrong location.


  • Launch!

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-5-20
Downloads: 27,480


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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