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Optin Revolution: WordPress Popup

Supercharged WordPress Popup Plugin. Best way in the world for you to create unique unblockable WordPress popups to grow your list of subscribers!


  • Bug Fix: Editor image path
  • Updated: Javascript and css compression


  • Bug Fix: Broken images


  • Bug Fix: Mobile detection


  • Bug Fix: TinyMCE 4.x


  • Bug Fix: W3 Total Cache
  • Bug Fix: Constant contact file_get_contents


  • Bug Fix: Gap in elements edge


  • Bug Fix: popup javascript to lower IE version


  • Bug Fix: javascript for latest IE


  • Updated: Javascript and css update


  • Updated: Constant Contact form


  • Bug Fix: W3 Total Cache conflict


  • Bug Fix: Validation
  • Updated: Javascript update


  • Feature: Popup and email form setting reset button.


  • Updated: Popup delay setting


  • Bug Fix: Deactivated form validation set to disabled
  • Bug Fix: Icontact variable misconfigured


  • Feature: New tab settings
  • Feature: New manual form setup
  • Updated: Stage content update from optinrevolution pro
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade url variable conflict with other plugin
  • Bug Fix: Mailchimp form setup
  • Bug Fix: Form enter key issue


  • Bug Fix: Popup scroll issue
  • Bug Fix: Changed IE detect js to php
  • Bug Fix: Redirect when no email provider is setup


  • Bug Fix: Popup not to show in mobiles.


  • Updated: Removed the advertising


  • Bug Fix: Popup Input text height consistency
  • Bug Fix: Line-height text issue
  • Bug Fix: Fix js issue in pro authentication
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade to pro variable issue


  • Bug Fix: IE10 saving
  • Bug Fix: Fix Popup frequency setting


  • Bug Fix: Fix Popup frequency setting 1 per day and 1 per session rule is not wokring


  • Bug Fix: Fix Constant Contact wrong variable
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue change hyperlink color
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue undefined variable line 122
  • Updated: Show Pro functions
  • Updated: Video
  • Remove: Show on mobile. We don't support mobile off by default
  • Remove: Support for Aweber name field (only in pro)
  • Remove: Support for iContact name field (only in pro)


  • Bug Fix: Fix issue with W3TC
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue ' in text not showing
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue undefined variable line 122
  • Updated: Change save and preview buttons
  • Feature: Add reset action button
  • Feature: Add tooltip for toolbar


  • Bug Fix: Fix issue popup not showing IE8/9
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue popup not showing some themes
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue text alignment
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue line height
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue 404 error when pressing enter on MailChimp
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue with stage css
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue with w3tc
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue cross domain cookies
  • Bug Fix: Fix conflict with Ultimate TinyMCE plugin
  • Bug Fix: A number of other minor fixes


  • Bug Fix: Fix issue clearing cookies
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue adding images to popup stage


  • Bug Fix: Fix error button in the stage displayed


  • Bug Fix: Fix url which conflicts with another plugin
  • Bug Fix: User permission fix
  • Bug Fix: Toolbar fix for WordPress 3.5 editor disabled toolbar opacity


  • Feature: Enable / disable to show popup in mobile
  • Bug Fix: Cookie expiry not being set for display frequency
  • Updated: Delete plugin wan't removing database properly


  • Bug Fix: Warning: Cannot modify header information


  • Bug Fix: Function wp_editor
  • Bug Fix: Cannot modify header information

  • Bug Fix: Popup css anchor


  • Bug Fix: Deactivating and re-activating the plugin settings will not removed
  • Bug Fix: Mailchimp, entering the http:// for the action and will removed
  • Updated: wp_editor function if not available, the plugin will display a notice to update the wordpress core
  • Updated: Optimizing popup css for loading


  • Bug Fix: Optin popup not showing, issue with Javascript loading sequence
  • Bug Fix: Blog with W3 Total Cache installed fix error being displayed
  • Bug Fix: Blog with WP Super Cache installed fix for display frequency of popup not being honored
  • Bug Fix: Hyperlink in wysiwyg text editor not working
  • Feature: Added image resizing on the stage
  • Feature: Auto resizing image imported to stage from media library
  • Updated: Image moving on the stage


  • Bug Fix: Issue in tinymce
  • Bug Fix: Outline on move images and text boxes showing on front end
  • Bug Fix: Issue with display frequency of popup
  • Bug Fix: Toolbar does not appearing
  • Bug Fix: Preview button not showing the preview


  • Bug Fix: Fix for MailChimp not updating on upgrade
  • Bug Fix: Z-index on input fields not allowing to be brought into the foreground
  • Updated: Power by url
  • Updated: minor update to the update functions


  • Bug Fix: Issue with permission on the optin-revolution/uploads directory, remove image/button uploader integrate with WordPress Image Library to allow importing images and buttons to stage from the WordPress Image Library. Video tutorial can be Viewed Here
  • Bug Fix: Fix for MailChimp not submitting
  • Feature: Add collapsable menus on optin popup setting page
  • Feature: Add visibility of the background on the stage
  • Feature: Add loading icon when loading stage and text box
  • Updated: Replace email provider logos


  • Bug Fix: Off/On slider enabling and disabling optin popup not functioning properly
  • Bug Fix: Issue with permission on the optin-revolution/uploads directory on some installs


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-19
Downloads: 101,812


3 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars


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