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Ooyala Video

Easy embedding of videos for the Ooyala Video Platform. Browse your Ooyala videos, and easily insert them into your posts and page.


  • Set default platform to html5-fallback
  • Error checking for API responses


  • Error checking for API credentials


  • Auto populate the default player_id for V3 embeds
Support for player_id when embedding a video
  • Support for hosted_at


  • Support for V3 Embeds
  • Support for Backlot API v2
  • Added Range as contributor


  • Added PeteMall as contributor
  • Fixed localization for menu strings
  • Deprecated config.php - API code should be entered through the settings screen.


  • Added Automattic as contributor


  • Provided more robustness around the API calls being made.
  • Updated documentation to direct users to the V1 API keys.


  • Fixed a deprecated function call
  • Changed the default timeout for the remote request to 10 seconds. If you need to further extend the timeout for any reason, you can also use the 'ooyala_http_request_timeout' filter.


New Features:

  • You can now set a video thumbnail as your post featured image (if your theme supports featured images)
  • The API codes can now be entered directly in the settings screen. If you already have config.php file set, the plugin will read the values from there.

Bugfixes and Improvements:

  • The plugin uses a media screen instead of a tinmyce button, and the popup look more like WP's own media screens
  • The shortcode has been converted to use WP's shortcode API. Old version compatibility is maintained.
  • Use WordPress's content_width as default if it is set for the video width.
  • JavaScript can now be localized as well.
  • Switched OoyalaBacklotAPI to use WP's HTTP class


  • Pulled config into config.php
  • Added Upload functionality to second tab with example label config


  • Added screenshots to package for SVN. No other changes made.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9
Last Updated: 2014-4-16
Downloads: 3,720


3 stars
3 out of 5 stars


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