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NuCaptcha WordPress Plugin

Protect your site with a video CAPTCHA solution that provides better security and is easier to read for your visitors.

Version 1.0.15788

  • Updated NuCaptcha PHP Client library to 1.0.16383

Version 1.0.15788

  • Updated NuCaptcha PHP Client library to 1.0.13738

Version 1.0.12405

  • Fixed a minor issue with NuCaptcha Create Account

Version 1.0.11963

  • Improved error handling in NuCaptcha config page

Version 1.0.11936

  • CSS fix in NuCaptcha config panel
  • Fixing a bad API url that was submitted to the WP plugin repository

Version 1.0.11256

  • Documentation update

Version 1.0.10906

  • Windows host minimum PHP requirements is now 5.1 (down from 5.3)

Version 1.0.10695

  • Support for BuddyPress registration page
  • Support for Contact Form 7 forms

Version 1.0.10605

  • Create account is now done at https://console.nucaptcha.com
  • Added custom skin option
  • NuCaptcha resources served over SSL for WP sites on https
  • Re-organized the options into basic and advanced
  • Improved Sign In UI
  • Updated NuCaptcha Client library to 1.0.10543

Version 1.0.9251

  • Fixes minor incompatibility with themes that have multiple elements with id="comment" on the page.

Version 1.0.9204

  • Updated NuCaptcha Client library to 1.0.9158
  • NuCaptcha is now visible by default on comment form

Version 1.0.8979

  • Fixes an issue with NuCaptcha showing up when replying to comments in the admin dashboard.

Version 1.0.8395

  • NuCaptcha WordPress plugin now works with caching plugins such as wp-cache and wp-super-cache!
  • Improved theme compatibility
  • Fixed some PHP warnings that would show up on certain configurations
  • Automatically detects incompatible plugins

Version 1.0.8256

  • Upgraded php clientlib to 1.0.8186
  • Public persistent data validation less strict. The NuCaptcha platform handles this at the validate server.

Version 1.0.7813

  • Fixed an issue with ValidateOnError. It now only validates for errors that occur during the token request.

Version 1.0.7435

  • Fixed a validation error that could occur in rare instances on older browsers (IE 6, Opera 8 etc)

Version 1.0.7379

  • Added ValidateOnError, enabled by default

Version 1.0.7149

  • Fixed a PHP pass by reference warning

Version 1.0.6925

  • Fixed 'Invalid Key, cannot decipher' messages that occurred on certain systems.

Version 1.0.6781

  • Fixed an incompatibility with other login/registration form plugins.

Version 1.0.6609

  • Upgraded php clientlib to 1.0.6593.
  • Improved handling of poor connections.
  • Improved error handling.

Version 1.0.6581

  • Added an option to 'Ignore Admin Login'.
  • Added a notice for admin users when their answers are ignored.
  • Fixed an account creation bug when WordPress address and Blog address were different.

Version 1.0.6454

  • Upgraded php clientlib to 1.0.6448.

Version 1.0.5982

  • Plugin is more compatible with custom themes.
  • Fixed a bad url in the admin page when blog url is different than site url.

Version 1.0.5958

  • Upgraded to php clientlib 1.0.5951.
  • Added login form nucaptcha back in (ignores validate for admin users)
  • SSL Verify Enable is now an option. Improved error handling when SSL cert bundles aren't configured correctly.
  • Fixed an error in WP http_streams implementation when running without lib curl.
  • Improved help text in config settings page.

Version 1.0.5936

  • Fixed an error in the update account page.

Version 1.0.5928

  • Better dependency checking before the plugin attempts to activate.

Version 1.0.5907

  • Updated to clientlib 1.0.5907
  • Better handling of DNS records.

Version 1.0.5892

  • PHP requirement on Windows bumped up to 5.3
  • Removed the login captcha because it was locking people out when there were incompatibilities in their configuration.

Version 1.0.5857.1

  • Fixed an exception that occurred when your server environment didn't have SSL certs configured correctly (example: Base install of MAMP on OSX).

Version 1.0.5857

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2014-1-9
Downloads: 29,785


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4.7 out of 5 stars


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