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NS Cloner - Site Copier

The NS Cloner saves multisite admins LOTS of time by enabling them to clone existing sites in their network to a completely new site in a few seconds.

  • Fixed several small bugs reported to support that impacted specific scenarios, configurations, and plugin combinations.

  • Fixed bug that was causing UTF-8 and DB character encoding issues in some environments. Primarily affected non-English sites.

  • Fixed critical bug that prevented user roles from getting cloned when cloning the ROOT site only

  • Fixed critical bug that was causing incompatibilities with some plugins that install their own tables to the database and in some cases the cloning operation was leaving a single custom table behind in the clone. This primarily affected Calendar plugins or other plugins where the table name began with higher letters (a, b, c) after the prefix like wp_a*, wp_b*, wp_c*

  • Added support for cloning the root site with ID 1 (YAY! PLEASE SEE STANDARD PRECAUTIONS AND NOTES ON DESCRIPTION PAGE)
  • Added support for WP Multisite when installed in a subdirectory rather than at the root of a domain (there were previously issues in this scenario)
  • Added validation to enforce lowercase and only allowed characters in the site name field
  • Added validation to enforce replacement rules that aren't always obvious (you don't want the old site name to be contained in the new site domain or the cloner's automated data replacement will corrupt your new clone's data)
  • Fixed permalink bug in subdirectory mode
  • Updated the way the status is returned after cloning to fix issues where the status exceeds URL length restrictions
  • [EXPERIMENTAL] Added support for the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin based on user contribution (thank you John @ propanestudio.com and Aamir!)
  • Many other small tweaks, updates, and fixes

  • Enhanced media file copy handling from

  • Added better media file copy handling in cases where themes or plugins alter wp_upload_dir() and it is returning bad paths

  • Fixed bug reported by Christian (Thank you!) where some upload file paths containing the same numbers as site IDs were getting mangled

  • Fixed 2.1.4 to make file copies compatible with the new uploads structure in native WP 3.5 installs
  • ANNOUNCING NS Cloner Pro is now Available HERE


  • Fixed bug in 2.1.3 that caused file copies to fail in some cases where the target folders already existed


  • Fixed bug in 2.1.2 that forced subdirectory mode


  • Added Auto-detect of Multisite mode and Subdirectory site support!
  • Added Automatic Copy of all media files in blogs.dir/##
  • Fixed some image loading fails in certain scenarios


  • First public release

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-1-23
Downloads: 22,619


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


10 of 14 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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