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NextCellent Gallery - NextGEN Legacy

A Photo Gallery for WordPress providing NextGEN legacy compatibility from version 1.9.13

= V1.9.19 - 20.06.2014 * Fixes on uploader (credits to Niko Strijbol) * Fixes for nggtag shortcode (credits to Niko Strijbol) * Refactored code in few places * Fix vulnerability which disallowed html text & santitize_taglist function (credits to NS & FZ) * Fix for 3.9 and typos for strict warning * Improved injections prevention (credits to jayque9) * Improve spelling & error message (credits to Niko Strijbol)

= V1.9.19 - 22.05.2014 * New uploader. Flash uploader deprecated (credits to Niko Strijbol) * Improved image folder importer. Now fixes folder & files with spaces (credits to Niko Strijbol) * Removed dead code * Wikipedia docs in progress http://wpgetready.com/wiki/nextcellent-plugin/ Be free to contribute! (contact us to request permission to edit it) * Re-fix vuln (previous fix also filtered html data, now fixed)

V1.9.18 - 23.04.2014

  • Fixes compatibility with TinyMCE 1.4, for WordPress 3.9. (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Fixes use of mysql_*(), which isn't allowed anymore. (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Fixes some style stuff from the datepicker interfering with the style of the tabs. (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Fixes "flash" upload. This does remove the resize option, but it wasn't working anyway. (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Vulnerability fix: data isn't properly sanitized before being printed ona Alt & Title (credits to Larry W. Cashdollar)
  • Changing date for uploaded images improved (credits to Richard Bale)

V1.9.17 - 17.03.2014

  • Fixes to layout and more (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Added ability to change image upload + Ajax (credits to Richard Bale)
  • Russian translation (credits to Vladimir Vasilenko)
  • Finnish translation (credits to Vesa Tiirikainen)
  • Album and gallery template extension (currently in revision, credits to Stefano Sudati)
  • Improved nggtags shortcode implementing Tony Howden's suggestions (see http://howden.net.au/thowden/2012/12/nextgen-gallery-wordpress-nggtags-template-caption-option/) added modes ASC,DESC and RAND

V1.9.16 - 08.01.2014

  • Folder and Image Management improved (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • German translation (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Improved style for WP 3.8 (credits to Niko Strijbol)
  • Improper call to method as static when method belongs to instance. Fixed
  • Code cleaning, proper call to static method fixed

V1.9.15 - 03.10.2013

  • Code simplification: code supporting PHP4 has no use. Deprecated.
  • Plugin should work with PHP strict standard enabled.
  • Improper call to static functions corrected all over the code
  • Disabled donator metabox since link is dead

V1.9.14 - 01.09.2013

  • The plugin will deactivate if NextGEN (all versions) plugin is installed & activated
  • text messages were adjusted to this plugin, to avoid user confusion.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-21
Downloads: 98,062


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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