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Double your Email Subscribers and Send Automated Targeted Newsletter by News@me

Convert visitors into regular readers. Keep them coming back to your site by sending them articles of your site based on their interests with News@me.

News@me is a new concept of newsletter. News@me is our answer to online media and bloggers to the need of growing their audience, building their own subscriber base and bringing more traffic, visits and readers to their valuable content, day after day. News@me gives your readers the ability to subscribe to posts published on your site and sends out highly targeted email newsletter digests of your new posts that are unique to each subscriber based on their interests. News@me works using your tags, categories or News@me topics.

New! Case study: The Galileo Case. Read on How a publisher can build a new source of traffic and an active user base in 11 months. In this article, you’ll learn... 1. How one publisher used News@me to boost its audience by increasing its subscriber list and its returning traffic. 2. Why creating a new approach of a personalized newsletter can make a better reader experience. Read the case study now

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You can read about News@me and see it in action on StanfordDaily.com, the Stanford University's digital newspaper. We are also working amongst the others with one of the biggest digital publisher in Italy, AndroidWorld.it and what we found out is that people are really keen on receiving relevant articles. Besides that we saw a remarkable increase in the number of subscriptions when the source is trusted.

In order to understand the power of this solution check out the increase in percentage of some metrics on one of our clients:

  • +300% the rate of subscriptions of occasional and regular readers compared to the regular newsletter subscriptions.

  • +20% the average opening rate of the personalized email summary compared to the average opening rate of the regular email newsletters in the online publishing industry.

  • +10% of visits generated to their site making it the third largest source of site traffic after Google and Facebook in less than six months.

Unlike products like Aweber and MailChimp, News@me is a solution that creates a unique and direct link between your online content and each of your readers by converting the interests of your visitors in an innovative system for retention.

News@me for your readers

Three high-value services that you offer to your readers using News@me. They won't leave you ever again!

1. Your readers can subscribe to your site through the News@me widget at the end of every post

A simple invitation with a minimalistic design and that does not affect the reading, the News@me widget catches the attention of your readers at the end of each article and converts this attention into a subscription to your site. This allows you to create a unique bond between your readers and your publishing activity based on something valuable: their interests, passions and curiosities. You'll be able to do this just by adding tags, categories or News@me topics to your posts.

2. A unique and innovative way to follow topics of interest on your site

Give more control to your readers. With News@me you allow your subscribers choose which posts to get in the email newsletter digest, day by day and if their passions and interests change..your newsletter digest changes too! The "News manager" is a simple and intuitive service offered for free to your subscribers that enables your subscribers to follow and unfollow tags, categories and topics of your posts at any time.

3. Subscribers receive email newsletter digests with your new posts of their interest based on your tags, categories and topics they currently follow

Create a unique experience for your readers with News@me. Each subscriber receives updates of new posts based on the tags, categories and topics they're following through an elegant email digest. Invite your readers to return to your site and read your latest posts about their interests. Put their passions at the center of your conversation and they'll keep coming back to your site.

News@me for your online content

Analyze the effectiveness of your online content with News@me and discover the interests of your readers. Publish new content that your subscribers will rush to read on your site every day!

1. A unique and innovative perspective over your online content.

News@me gives you an overview over the effectiveness of your online content and the engagement of your readers through the News@me widget. You can see the number of subscribers that the widget has generated and the number of clicks that the customized email summary sent to your subscribers by News@me are bringing to your site, topics and articles published that generate more subscriptions among your readers.

2. Actionable insights on the performance of your online publishing activity.

You can take a careful look at the traffic and the number of subscribers who return to your site to read your new articles of their interest through customized email digests sent by News@me.

3. Look at the behavior of your readers and the effectiveness of your content.

Plan ahead your online publishing activity with the certainty of knowing in advance the degree of involvement and interest of your readers, topic by topic.

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Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-2
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