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Nelio AB Testing

A/B Testing, conversion rate optimization, and beautiful Heatmaps specifically designed for WordPress.


  • Bug fix: deprecated use of function 'split' is now fixed.


  • Bug fix related to PHP Strict Warnings.
  • Bug fix with the function is_page_template(x). It now returns the proper value.


  • Bug fix: compatibility with meta options defined by Lotus theme.
  • Bug fix related to PHP Strict Warnings.
  • New feature: you can now select whether external goals should take GET params into account when tracking conversions.


  • Bug fix: AJAX error on windows installations does no longer appear.
  • Improvement: tracking conversions to external goals is now faster and more reliable.
  • Some minor changes and bug fixes for specific installations.


  • Bug fix in experiment creation: if you have many published posts, you can now select among the most recent ones (instead of the alphabetically-ordered first ones).


  • Greedy Algorithm. Do you want to exploit the winning alternative? Now you can! Use a greedy algorithm to increase the chances of your visitors to see the winning alternative of your experiment
  • New Settings Page. Our plugin includes a new Settings page where you can tune a few parameters of the plugin. This are the first steps towards a more customizable plugin!
  • Graphical improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix: title tag does no longer show a notice on certain installations
  • Bug fix: heatmap tracking script now works for those elements that include the attribute "class", but for which no classes are specified


  • Tested with version 3.9
  • Added "Preview" buttons for the original and goal pages when creating/editing an experiment.
  • Added a "Back" button when viewing Heatmaps, so that the user can now go back and forth between the progress of a experiment and the heatmaps of its alternatives
  • Improved user interface in "the Progress of the experiment" page, making the possible actions visible at all times
  • Improved Heatmap tracking scripts
  • Bug fix: compatibility issues with older versions of IE


  • Bug fix: improvements on the admin interface (SSL support)
  • Bug fix: compatibility issues with JavaScript and IE8
  • Some minor improvements


  • Some minor improvements and bug fixes


  • New Features for Basic Subscriptors! Use professional features from a basic account
  • Improved management of account status


  • New Feature! Title experiments have been improved. Originally, title experiments were a shortcut of page/post experiments, where only titles were changed. Now, however, you test which title gets more visitors into the tested post; i.e. the goal page is the post itself!
  • Some minor improvements


  • Bug fix: Heatmaps work properly with latest Chrome version
  • Some minor improvements


  • Bug fix: you can now see the Heatmaps of the alternatives of a page/post split testing experiment


  • Bug fix: CSS experiments in the "Latest Posts" page are now working
  • Improved Heatmap tracking algorithm


  • Bug fix: Heatmap tracking of "Latest Posts" page is now working


  • Bug fix: AJAX-related error when starting a Heatmap experiment


  • Some minor tweaks


  • New Feature! Heatmaps and Clickmaps of your customers
  • New Feature! A/B Test CSS modifications
  • Improved Settings page (account and registered sites management)
  • Translated to Spanish
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: when creating theme experiments, the widgets of each theme are properly loaded


  • Bug fix: you can now create theme experiments with child themes


  • Bug fix: fatal error on Windows machines


  • UI Improvement: list of experiments is now sortable
  • Bug fix: when starting an experiment with multiple goals, the error "Too few parameters" does no longer appear


  • Quota Management: you can now increase the available quota from within the plugin!


  • Buf fix: compatibility issuse with JetPack and IE10 are now fixed


  • Compatibility with WordPress 3.8
  • Alternative pages/post are no longer visible when disabling the plugin
  • Some other minor tweaks


  • Improved quality for all graphical assets
  • The "Feedback" page has been changed to a "Share & Comment" page
  • Bug fix: endless loading loop when viewing the progress of some experiments
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: compatibility with the WordPress hosting service "WPonFire"
  • Some minor tweaks


  • New Feature! Improved view for the progress/results of an experiment. When setting more than one goal, you can now see the aggregated conversion rate for all goals or the conversion rates for each goal
  • New Feature! Simplified UI for testing only changes in the title of a page/post


  • Bug fix: version 1.4 was not properly uploaded in the WordPress repository


  • New Feature! you can now set an external webpage as the goal of an experiment
  • New Feature! you can now count as a conversion an indirect navigation to the experiment
  • Now compatible with OptimizePress!
  • Now compatible with JetPack!
  • Some minor tweaks


  • Bug fix: alternative pages or posts created using the "empty alternative" option can be edited


  • Bug fix: the definition of Goal Pages (or Posts) for theme experiments works properly

  • New Feature! You can now set more than one page or post as the goal


  • New Feature! You can now set more than one page or post as the goal of an experiment!
  • Improved progress of the experiment page
  • Major bug fix: WSOD for PHP versions < 5.3 (because of calling a static method using a variable; error T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM)
  • Some minor fixes


  • Bug fix: stopping an experiment from the progress page is now working
  • Bug fix: overriding a theme alternative with another one from the progress page of an experiment is now working


  • New Feature! You can now test different worpdress themes!
  • Improved page for listing experiments. On the one hand, each experiment has an icon to quickly identify its type. On the other hand, statuses are now colorized.
  • Improved metadata management when applying the winning page/post alternative
  • Some minor fixes


  • Bug fix: when querying the permalink of an alternative, the original's permalink is returned instead (important, for instance, for social sharing plugins)


  • Bug fix: removing all PHP warnings and notices


  • Bug fix: no more callings to the undefined method DateTime::setTimestamp() for PHP < 5.3


  • Page for selecting new experiment has been redesigned
  • Settings page has been redesigned
  • Improved sites management
  • Some internal improvements


  • Improved plugin stability
  • Bug fix: experiments without a goal or alternatives cannot be started
  • Bug fix: JS scripts are properly loaded in IE


  • Bug fix: view results page does not freeze when no results are available


  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fix: comment count for alternatives is OK


  • Bug fix: showing the winner of an experiment quickly


  • "Progress of the Experiment" page has been redesigned and improved
  • Bug fix: alternative posts do no longer appear in the list of posts
  • Bug fix: when creating an a/b or multivariate test for posts, we can now select any post (not only the last five)
  • Bug fix: distributing users to different alternatives does no longer fail


  • New feature: experiments can now set either a Page or a Post as its goal


  • Bug fix: add media is working again
  • Bug fix: renaming an alternative does no longer remove it


  • New feature: creation of A/B tests for posts too (originally, only for pages).
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix: the warning "headers already sent by" does no longer appear


  • Bug fix: assets are properly loaded from the plugin


  • Bug fix: titles are no longer wrapped using SPAN tags. We now use a jQuery replaceText function


  • Bug fix: no more redirections using PHP's "header" function


  • Bug fix: statistical info is now working (Strings are properly shown)


  • A few code tweaks

1.0.0 (beta)

  • First release of our beta
  • Permits the creation of Alternative Experiments for WordPress pages
  • Includes a feedback form

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-11
Downloads: 3,120


4 stars
4 out of 5 stars


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