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My Calendar

Accessible WordPress event calendar plugin. Show events from multiple calendars on pages, in posts, or in widgets.


  • Bug fix: Minor event templates ( title, detail, etc. ) were not properly escaped in admin forms.
  • Bug fix: use reply-to email header in support messages
  • Bug fix: Mass approval of pending events broken.
  • Bug fix: {linking} template tag referenced wrong event URL.
  • Bug fix: My Calendar API RSS no longer dependent on default RSS data.
  • Bug fix: Replace mysql_* functions for PHP 5.5 compatibility.
  • Bug fix: Incorrect template tag in Single view template: {gcal} instead of {gcal_link}
  • Bug fix: PHP notice on $map
  • Language updates: Japanese, German, Italian


  • Added {link_image} to add an image linked to the event URL in templates.
  • Bug fix: extended caption value saved but not shown.
  • Bug fix: For multi-day events ending at midnight, last date automatically extended one day at save.
  • Bug fix: on copy, if start date is changed, but end date isn't, increment end date to match length of original event.
  • Change: Eliminate error on empty title fields or invalid recurrence values. Set to default value instead.


  • Did not enqueue jQuery on front-end unless Google Maps was enabled. (Incorrect condition nesting...) Whoops.


  • Error in yesterday's bug fix for upcoming events.
  • Bug fix: Email notifications broken.


  • Bug fix: Notice in today's events widget
  • Bug fix: Images from pre 2.3.0 configuration did not display in default Single event view.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events list could return too few events.
  • Bug fix: Display default date format if format not set.
  • Bug fix: Fallback to default JS if custom JS not defined.
  • Filter: added filter to Google Maps code; mc_gmap_html
  • Option: enabled option to disable Google Maps output.


  • Bug fix: Week date format wouldn't save.
  • Bug fix: Event posts & custom field data not saved on copy action
  • Bug fix: HTML errors in {hcard} address format.
  • Bug fix: Manage events search form overlapped pagination links
  • Bug fix: Events ending at midnight in Today's Events lists appeared twice


  • Bug fix: Notice on access_options filter.
  • Bug fix: Invalid date values if no parameters set for iCal
  • Bug fix: Invalid nonce check in location entry prevented creation of new locations. One missing exclamation point. Sigh.
  • Bug fix: If location controls are on, allow old values to be saved, but raise notice that value is not part of controlled set.
  • Feature: add sync=true to root iCal URL to connect apps for scheduled syncing. (http://example.com/feeds/my-calendar-ics/?sync=true)
  • Updated: Polish translation


  • Bug fix: label change to clarify entry format for location controls
  • Bug fix: Missing end tag on element
  • Bug fix: my_calendar_search_title can handle missing 2nd argument
  • Bug fix: Add "active" class span on time toggle active case.
  • Bug fix: Recurring all-day events showing twice
  • Bug fix: Non-editable fields for date/time input broke occurrences & restricted time options
  • Bug fix: Category filtering broken when holiday categories enabled
  • Bug fix: Double check whether categories exist and throw error if not, after attempting to create default category.
  • Feature: Mass delete locations


  • Bug fix: PHP warning on event save
  • Bug fix: PHP Notices generated on deleted author/host value.
  • Bug fix: Pop-up calendar for date entry had incorrect day labels
  • Bug fix: Editing individual date instances issues.
  • Bug fix: {image} fallback for pre 2.3.0 uploaded images
  • Added: secondary sort filter for main calendar views; default event_title ASC. Field and direction must be provided to change.
  • Updated my-calendar.pot


This is a major revision.

  • Bug fix: Manage events screen showed no data for users without manage_events permissions.
  • Bug fix: if single event set, could not filter to time period views.
  • Bug fix: 'single' template ID not passed into template filter.
  • Bug fix: events in private categories appeared in time-based upcoming events lists.
  • Bug fix: RSS feed encoding.
  • Bug fix: Turn-of-year issues with week view.
  • Bug fix: Added new locations multiple times if added with multiple occurrences of an event.
  • Bug fix: In some browsers, time selector added invalid data.
  • Bug fix: List of search results not wrapped in a list element.
  • Bug fix: Trim spaces on above/below navigation strings.
  • Bug fix: If an event ends at midnight, automatically end tomorrow unless set for a later date.
  • Bug fix: Don't show events on both days if they end at midnight.
  • Bug fix: Don't attempt to enqueue jquery.charcount.js if WP to Twitter not installed.
  • Bug fix: Dates didn't strip links in list view when JS disabled for that view.

  • New template tag: {runtime} to show human language version of length of event.

  • New template tag: {excerpt} to create autoexcerpt from description field, using shortdesc if it exists.

  • New feature: Accessibility features for locations.

  • New feature: Specify accessibility services for events.
  • New feature: ticketing link field
  • New feature: event registration information fields
  • New feature: my_calendar_event shortcode can query templates by keyword (list,mini,single,grid).
  • New feature: filter events by available accessibility services
  • New feature: Combined filter shortcode to group all filters into a single form. [mc_filters show='locations,categories,access']
  • New feature: new API for adding custom fields to events.
  • New feature: data API to fetch event data in JSON, CSV, or RSS formats.
  • New feature: Archive events to hide from admin events list.
  • New feature: Control input options for multiple types of location input data.
  • New feature: Shortcode generator for primary, upcoming, and today's events shortcodes.
  • New feature: admin-side event search
  • New feature: category key now acts as quick links to filter by category
  • New feature: Option to add title to Event Search widget.

  • New filter: mc_date_format for customizing date formats.

  • New filter: customize search results page: mc_search_page
  • New filter: mc_use_permalinks to enable use of custom post type permalinks for single event pages.
  • New filter: mc_post_template to customize template used in single event shortcode automatically inserted into custom post type pages.

  • New design: new stylesheet available: twentyfourteen.css

  • Updated: added more fields to search on events.

  • Updated: updated image uploader to use add media panel and store attachment ID
  • Updated: template supports all template tags (but strips HTML.).
  • Updated: Various aspects of UI
  • Updated: Date/time selectors. See http://amsul.ca/pickadate.js/, MIT license.

  • Reorganized default output template code.

  • Import all used locations into location manager.
  • Removed User settings fields.
  • Moved Holiday category assignment to Category Manager.
  • Improved get current URL function.
  • iCal output in multiple-month view outputs all displayed months.
  • {map} template tag to display a Google Map using the Google Maps API. (Not available in pop-up displays.)
  • Scheduled removal of showkey, shownav, toggle, and showjump shortcode attributes.
  • Removed upgrade support for 1.6.x & 1.7.x series of My Calendar.


  • Bug fix: Threw error if network-activated (wp_is_mobile() not defined yet)
  • Bug fix: Calendar URI could be saved as integer instead of as URL.
  • Bug fix: hide screen options that current user can't use.
  • Improved localization of Calendrical jQuery plug-in.
  • Feature: my_calendar_upcoming and my_calendar_today shortcodes now support filtering by host.
  • New filter: mc_send_notification -- passes event and user data to determine whether a new event email notification should be sent. Return true|false.


  • Bug fix: jquery.calendrical time rendering.


  • Required deleted file.


  • Bug fix: date comparison in grouped event date output.
  • Bug fix: editing a single occurrence of an event when location fields not displayed could result in duplicating the event.
  • Bug fix: Duplicated on event title in events manager.
  • Bug fix: Generated WP to Twitter empty sentence error.
  • Bug fix: Grouped events within a single day in upcoming events list.
  • Bug fix: Run My Calendar upgrade stylesheet archiving only when My Calendar is updated.
  • Bug fix:
  • Changed: replaced mc_is_mobile() functionality with native wp_is_mobile(). Filterable for My Calendar using 'mc_is_mobile' filter.
  • Changed: properly registered and enqueue most front-end styles.
  • Changed: Removed classes 'prevMonth' and 'nextMonth' from navigation.
  • Misc. minor style changes to front and back end UI.
  • Added: special value for 'author' and 'host' attributes of 'current' to only show events created by the logged-in user. Filter via 'mc_display_author' and 'mc_display_host'
  • Added: date and time to title field for My Calendar RSS feed.
  • Preparation: permission filtering for submissions and registrations add-ons.
  • Updated: German & Slovenian Translations.


  • Bug fix: Reversed argument in $details filter, breaking custom template editor.


  • Bug fix: Fix in mini calendar scripting with AJAX.
  • Bug fix: Strict error in My Calendar Search widget.
  • Bug fix: My Calendar screen options disabled other screen options.
  • Updated: Slovenian
  • Documentation error: cat_id, not category_id
  • Added support for BotSmasher as a spam filter for events.
  • Removed location region from Google Maps string (Google Maps choked on that data.)
  • Removed EasyDrag jQuery plug-in due to compatibility issues.
  • Eliminated 4 filters: mc_event_content_{$type}; replaced with single filter mc_event_content with $type parameter.
  • Added support for WP 3.6 shortcode attribute filters.
  • Added more filters & actions. Lots and lots of filters. Actions. Yeah.
  • Maybe I'm the only one excited about the last thing.


  • Bug fix: map links could render links with no data.


  • Bug fix: Link to single day events from mini calendar broken.
  • Bug fix: Return to calendar link from print view
  • Bug fix: some map links missing 'external' class.
  • Updated: couple missing i18n strings
  • Bug fix: widget title link could not be saved.
  • Bug fix: Changing the event time on individual occurrences of a recurring event showed wrong time in upcoming events list.
  • Bug fix: rewrite of AJAX scripting to clear bugs.
  • Bug fix: Event authors with "add" capability could not edit their own events or copy events from the admin.
  • Bug fix: Time frame toggles triggered beginning of month instead of current week/day if no params set.
  • Deprecated upgrade paths from versions prior to 1.5.0.
  • Eliminated single-day timeline URL settings field (no longer required.)
  • Added filter mc_modify_day_uri to allow above target URL to be customized.
  • Removed caching option; caching accessible only via filtering.
  • Updated: French, Italian, French, Slovenian
  • Added: Galician


  • Bug fix: better bug fix in 2.2.3 event duplication bug.
  • Updated: Japanese translation.


  • Bug fix: event duplication bug in 2.2.3


  • Bug fix: duplicate attribute 'rel' in prev/next nav.
  • Bug fix: category color associations on event titles when no color assigned.
  • Bug fix: print view would not always display all categories if no limits set.
  • Bug fix: Group editor lost multi-day settings.
  • Improvement: throw a warning on events set up with problem settings, e.g. recurring events where the next occurrence begins before the current event has ended.
  • Added template tag: {map_url} for Google Map URL.
  • New filters: filters for calendar year/month/day (to change the default start date for the calendar.)
  • Language updates: Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, and Slovenian


  • Bug fix to importer from Calendar
  • Another fix to link_map (this time, in the standard calendar view.)
  • Bug fix: location preset being assigned didn't allow changes to location details when editing events.


  • Bug fix: Pull multi-day events in upcoming events list that happen today, but started on a previous day when past events set to 0.
  • Bug fix: broken {link_map} template tag.
  • Update to Italian translation.


  • New feature: event search (widget).
  • New feature: with WP to Twitter installed, auto post events to Twitter when published or approved.
  • New feature: toggle timeframe between month/week/day view
  • New setting: ensure best possible color contrast between background color and title link.
  • Split manage events page and add event page into two separate interfaces.
  • Removed non-sortable fields from display for manage events interface.
  • Moved setting for number of events on manage events page to screen options.
  • New screen option: on event manager screen, users can turn off areas of the event manager they don't use.
  • New template tag: {image_url}, to pull an event's associated image without HTML
  • New template tag: {linking}, event URL with fallback to details link
  • New template tags: {gravatar} and {host_gravatar} to show author/host gravatar images.
  • New filter: mc_event_mail_to.
  • New filter: mc_past_search_results.
  • New filter: mc_future_search_results.
  • New filter: mc_search_template
  • Added support for variable increments (e.g., every 3 weeks, every 4 months, etc.)
  • Added template tag support to notification email subject line
  • Added option to send HTML notification emails
  • Added option to set sending address for notification emails
  • Added template tag to add event to Google Calendar
  • Added 'check all' option to event manager.
  • Accessibility Improvement: added aria-live attributes.
  • New shortcode attributes: 'above' and 'below'. (Control order and display of elements above/below calendar.)
  • Deprecated shortcode attributes: showkey, shownav, toggle, showjump. Will be removed in My Calendar 2.3.0.
  • Updated shortcode generator to use new attributes. Also added support for author and host attributes.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to all My Calendar themes.
  • jQuery improvements. (jQuery version 1.7 minimum requirement.)
  • Bug fix: multi-day events incorrectly displayed in Upcoming Events by dates view
  • Bug fix: Open events to details page briefly rendered empty details pop-up (requires script update)
  • Bug fix: element filter didn't strip all HTML tags.
  • Bug fix: hcal end time
  • Bug fix: upcoming events miscounted number of events with overlapping multiday single events.
  • Bug fix: today's events are now counted towards total events in upcoming events list
  • Bug fix: retention of location data when location fields disabled in manager
  • Bug fix: documentation correction for remote DB
  • Bug fix: caching issue when filtering by location
  • Language updates: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Slovenian
  • Deprecated support for WordPress versions up to 3.3.0 due to jQuery version change.


  • Bug fix: upcoming events timestamps were converted to UTC.


  • Bug fix: weekly view when crossing years jumped to next year
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events sorting fix
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events count fix
  • Bug fix: print stylesheet directory fix.


  • Bug fix: My Calendar stripped title elements from singular posts unless an SEO plug-in was installed.


  • Bug fix: Miscounted number of events in upcoming events view when events were multiple days.
  • Bug fix: My Calendar URL guessing now only selects from published Pages/posts
  • Tweak: Minor change to HTML output in print view
  • Added: Option to display current month or current year using Upcoming Events widget.
  • Added: Filter to display a custom on single event details pages with settings field to configure that title. (Improves SEO)
  • Language updates: Italian, Russian, Basque


  • Bug fix: users without 'Approve Event' ability submitted unapproved events even when event approval was disabled.


  • Miscellaneous filepath fixes for custom icons
  • Fixed filepath issue for custom content directory in loading calendar generator
  • Added templating options to RSS feed event format
  • Added two new template tags: description_stripped and shortdesc_stripped; returns the description fields with HTML removed.
  • Re-organized settings to provide better grouping.
  • Removed jumpbox default setting; jumpbox now only configurable via shortcode.
  • Bug fix: titles missing in list view when open to details link enabled.
  • Bug fix: Multi-day events listed only once in upcoming events lists.
  • Minor stylesheet tweaks.


  • I horribly screwed up the Upcoming Events widget in 2.0.11. Please accept my apologies.


  • Fixed Broken custom stylesheets editing/selection.
  • Added Custom links for widget title links
  • Fixed issue with event links expiring immediately
  • Fixed issue with holiday collisions restricted in Upcoming Events/events only when holiday category is displayed.
  • Added full year output option for iCal downloads.
  • Added setting for calendar heading month formatting.
  • Updated language files: Japanese, Italian, German, Turkish


  • Updated Japanese, Turkish, and Italian translations
  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events list could not be limited to a single author.
  • Bug fix: Un-approved events were being displayed in some public contexts.
  • Bug fix: Problem with RSS feed template elements not rendering in some cases.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events removed events inappropriately in certain situations when 'skip on holidays' was checked
  • Bug fix: Updated method for getting current plugin URL.
  • Deprecated support for WordPress versions before 3.0.6.


  • Bug fix: Email notification on event addition to admin did not receive event data.
  • Bug fix: Accidentally eliminated weekend class. Now it's back!
  • Bug fix: Events crossing multiple dates need per-date unique IDs
  • Code change: Some code simplification for current URL and plugin URL references.
  • Updated languages: Portuguese, Dutch, Italian


  • Re-written (simplified) holiday exclusion mechanism.
  • Performance improvements to templating and event processing.
  • Bug fix: Import from Kieran's "Calendar" plug-in was broken.
  • Bug fix: 'nextmonth' class was attached to events in weekly view; not appropriate to view.
  • Bug fix: Deleting single instance deleted entire event series.
  • Added option: number of events per page in admin events list


  • Bug fix: Show list view on mobile devices option did not work.
  • Bug fix: No longer forcing links on titles in list or mini view.
  • Bug fix: All-day events came up with random end times.
  • Change: All-day checkbox added.
  • Change: All-day events automatically forced to hide end times.
  • Change: removed X-WR-CALNAME field from iCal output for improved compatibility
  • Updates: Partial updates to Spanish, Italian, and Dutch translations.


  • Bug fix: Mini calendar links pointed to current display month regardless of current display date.
  • Bug fix: if day parameter was set, the main calendar views showed events for month starting from that date.
  • Bug fix: if day view was targeted from mini calendar with default cid parameter set, would not react
  • Bug fix: Calendar could not show events which had start and end dates which spanned the displayed period but were not included in the displayed period.
  • Moved screenshots into assets folder in version repository.
  • Translation source updated at http://translate.joedolson.com/ - now the translations need refreshing!


  • Bug fix: Date links were eliminated in mini calendar if option to link to day-view was enabled.
  • Bug fix: Today's events drew events based on UTC instead of current timezone.


  • Bug fix: template variable misassigned in the Today's Events shortcode.
  • Change: Added option to output iCal either in UTC or with times as entered. (Previously only UTC)


  • Bug fix: Upcoming events widget did not support the "show_today's events" option correctly.
  • Bug fix: Was not possible to set 12:00 am as the end time for an event.
  • Bug fix: prevented blank title in main calendar due to faulty template.


  • Bug fix: My Calendar did not enqueue jQuery
  • Bug fix: Grid view did not display last day of month if first day of week and last day of month were both Sunday


  • Bug fix: Error in default settings for event titles.
  • Bug fix: Single Event iCal export broken
  • Bug fix: Today's Events shortcode broken if author not specified
  • Change: Deleting or updating categories now refreshes the cache.


  • Completely re-written database model for events.
  • Added: pagination on event manager list of events.
  • Added: Restrict groups manager lists to currently grouped/ungrouped lists of events.
  • Added links to other event instances visible when editing events with multiple instances.
  • Added default category selection.
  • Added feature: limit calendar views by event author.
  • Added feature: filter event manager view by location, author, or category.
  • Added feature: mark categories as private, to only show those events to logged-in users.
  • Added templating to locations list so user can produce list of any set of location data.
  • Added option in event manager to copy location data into Locations table
  • Added [my_calendar_event] shortcode to fetch information for a single event.
  • Added template tag {timerange} to display start-end times.
  • Change: all events now have an end time. Option to hide end times to maintain current display.
  • Bug fix: iCal had missing newline; events now return labeled UTC time
  • Bug fix: RSS does better job of clearing non-XML special characters.
  • Bug fix: If preset location was selected, no other edits to locations could be done.
  • Bug fix: when copying an event, the new event was grouped in the same group as the source event.
  • Bug fix: if stylesheet was disabled, stylesheet was erased on next save of style settings.
  • Bug fix to category limiting which matched category names like 'baseball' to show 'all' categories.


  • Fatal error in PHP 5.4+ https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=54657
  • Bug fix: {date} and {time} template tags not rendered in details link when run in a template.
  • Bug fix: upgrade database button placement off-screen
  • Bug fix: layout on stylesheet editor caused usability problems
  • Bug fix: added line break in iCal output.
  • Change: added alt attribute to category icons in appropriate contexts.
  • My Calendar 2.0 beta added to subversion repository. Here there be bugs.


  • Bug fix: Called wp_editor on versions below 3.3
  • Bug fix: assorted PHP notices cleaned up.


  • HTML validation issue fixed in calendar output.
  • Added option to hide display of external event links in calendar output.
  • Bug fix: Mini calendar should not toggle from mini view when main view switched.
  • Bug fix: Week time frame of list view did not return the 'no events' message.
  • Feature: No events message can be customized by using an enclosing shortcode: [my_calendar]No events this week![/my_calendar]


  • Added option to use {date} in Today's Events widget title.
  • Events with the same time are now sub-sorted by title in Upcoming Events lists.
  • Template tag {endtime} returns empty string if same as start time
  • Standard event output returns empty string for event end time if same as start time.
  • Can only check 'multi-day event' option if event has multiple occurrences.
  • Categories in editor now sortable by either ID or category name.
  • Categories in input now sorted by category name.
  • Updated mobile detection class.
  • Major revision to permissions handling to use custom capabilities
  • Redesign of settings pages.
  • Can target tablet devices with CSS by adding a stylesheet called mc-tablet.css to your theme directory.
  • Can target other mobile devices with CSS by adding a stylesheet called mc-mobile.css to your theme directory.
  • Template tags now support before and after attributes: {tag before="<p>" after="</p>"}
  • Added option to retrieve events, categories, and locations from a remote database. (e.g., to share calendar information between 3 related sites.)
  • Eliminated details arrow; forcing anchor element on clickable title.
  • Added 'id' attribute to My Calendar shortcode, to customize unique ID for calendar and avoid non-compliant duplication of IDs
  • Added 'template' attribute to My Calendar shortcode, so specific calendars can use their own individual custom templates. Templates should be text files (.txt) placed in your theme directory.
  • Reduced specificity in stylesheets by eliminating ID-based references.
  • Fixed bug with day/date consistency in 5-day grid calendars.
  • Added day class to date boxes without dates.
  • Jumpbox is now switchable from the shortcode.
  • Fixed google maps link to use the correct directions targeting method
  • Various changes for WP 3.4 compatibility.
  • Updated Danish Translation
  • Updated Czech Translation
  • Added Hindi Translation


  • Bug fix: List format showed all dates, regardless of whether there were events for that date.
  • Bug fix: List format showed incorrect classes.
  • Bug fix: Pipe separator for categories not supported with caching.
  • ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! I'm sure you're as frustrated about all these little releases as I am. But who wants to sit on known bugs?


  • Bug fix: Variable not checked for type threw usort warning.
  • Bug fix: Details links rendered incorrect page if linked from a single post location with permalinks not enabled.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where calendar returned no information if cache reached max size.
  • Settings change: Caching is now defaulted to off.


  • Bug fix: Upcoming events list did not respect category limits.
  • Validation error/bug fix: Date for ID for first of month was incorrect.
  • Validation error: unencoded ampersand in iCal link if permalinks disabled.


  • Added option to clear cache from settings.
  • Bug fix: Error in caching where cache returned false for multi-category limited calendars.
  • Bug fix: Error in caching where cache returned false for category limited calendars using category name as delimiter. Thanks to Antti Palosaari for reporting this bug and for testing fixes.
  • Bug fix: Error notices if user is deleted who is assigned as host of some events. Thanks to Florian Edelmann for reporting this bug and contributing solution.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events in dates mode returned null for cached dates.


  • Bug fix: upcoming events list breaks if 'This is a multi-day event' is checked for an event with only a single occurrence.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events caching did not cache correct data.
  • Modification: eliminated some extraneous database calls
  • Modified: clarifying text edits
  • Added: category classes on calendar date cells


  • Made 'to' value in Google Maps links a translatable value.
  • Feature change: iCal download now respects currently selected month.
  • Added a phone number field to the Location manager
  • Added a setting to display only the core site's calendar on child sites in multisite mode.
  • Added a setting for the link target for mini calendar dates
  • Re-wrote labels for URL link target settings fields.
  • Bug fix: Location selector did not respect currently selected categories.
  • Bug fix: "Add another occurrence" option available in Edit mode, but not functional. Removed option.
  • Bug fix: Limiting by categories didn't trim whitespace from category names.
  • Bug fix: Fixed RSS/ICS/Print permalinks if PATHINFO permalinks are enabled.
  • Improved cache handling. Cache limit relative to amount of memory available to PHP. Cache stores information more efficiently.
  • Revised RSS/iCal handling to avoid .htaccess problems.


  • Revised template tags so the description tags are run through wpautop(), and added _raw versions which are not.
  • Fixed a bug in URL generation so that URLs with ports are correctly constructed.
  • Fixed a bug iin Print output which did not allow restriction to multiple categories
  • Added option to use {date} in previous/next navigation links to indicate what date set is being navigated to.


  • I made a truly bone-headed error in the last update, and I'm not even going to say what. If you didn't notice it, lucky for you!


  • In my rush to fix the security issue, I broke an aspect of the event navigation. Apologies for this! Now fixed.


  • Incorrectly called wp_kses(). Apologies for the frequent updates!


  • Critical security update. Please upgrade promptly. Big thank you to Dean Batha for the bug report.


  • Bug fix: undeclared array in widget manager
  • Renamed overly-generic constant.


  • New feature: option to link dates in mini calendar to separate daily view instead of pop-up.
  • New feature: no longer necessary to manually edit behaviors in order to open main calendar event titles to separate page.
  • New feature: Ability to define grouped events as a single multi-day event and remove duplicates from events lists (upcoming events and today's events widgets)
  • New feature: group-association classes assigned to multi-day events in grid display.
  • New template tags: {daterange} and {multidate} for displaying a beginning and ending date range for a single event and for displaying each date in a multi-day event, respectively.
  • Week-view calendar caption now editable.
  • Added printable version.
  • Submit buttons in forms are now duplicated at top and bottom of long editing sections, to improve usability.
  • Minor style change to group editor to avoid group list colliding with editor textarea.
  • Removed angle brackets from Previous/Next events links.
  • Added custom action hooks for event save and event delete
  • Added ability to prevent today's events from showing up in upcoming events listings.
  • Added categories to iCal output.
  • iCal should return times in local time, not in UTC.
  • Bug fix: iCal output not correctly encoded
  • Bug fix: mc_next_link filter did not exist.
  • Bug fix: placed limit on maximum size of cached calendar data.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events list will no longer occasionally display more items than expected.
  • Bug fix: menu icon not aware of custom content locations


  • This is just a convenience update due to a warning appearing in 1.9.7 that I missed.


  • Cache was not cleared when events were approved, rejected, or deleted.
  • Fixed bug with slashed characters in time and date formats
  • Fixed bug where previous/next links did not work on category pages
  • Fixed bug where event description was deleted if edited in groups manager.
  • Easydrag.js now respects conditional loading by page ID.
  • Small change to upcoming events list: events with an end time specifie and not crossing days will move off the list after they end rather than after they start.


  • Fixed bug in Event Manager where information about whether an event was open for registration saved incorrectly.
  • Added raw details_link template tag.
  • Fixed Google Maps link error when using Long/Lat coordinates.
  • Associated image option was not available if HTML editor was enabled.


  • Bug fix: Caching of Today's events did not account for category limits
  • Bug fix: Upcoming events listed by day duplication


  • Bug fix: month-by-day recurring events in upcoming events list
  • Bug fix: duplication of events in upcoming events list
  • Bug fix: when editing a single event with indefinite recurrences, future events set up without continuing recurrence.
  • Function error when data not present fixed.
  • Added display of sending name/address for support messages


  • Stylesheet saving can write longer files. Solves problem with occasional truncation of stylesheets.
  • Added transient caching for calendar events to improve performance, plus other various performance improvements
  • Small html output change.
  • 1.9.0 made details boxes draggable; made this optional.
  • Added plug-in support request form.
  • Added updated French translation to 1.9.2
  • Fixed bug with date switcher duplicating/skipping months.
  • Updated User's Guide (not included with plug-in)


  • Bug fix: Fixed sort error returned by calendar if no events are in array.
  • Bug fix: Fixed incorrect URLs for icons in custom directory in category key.
  • Bug fix: Caption text did not display.
  • Added {date} and {time} to details link text templating.
  • Bug fix: Fixed {icon} URL in template output.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with table layout of dates when weekends are disabled on grid calendar.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with generation of details link when not using permalinks.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with HTML editor converting HTML entities.
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where weekly view showed the wrong dates if the current week started in the previous month.


  • Bug fix: Incorrect title template tag auto-generated if title template is empty.
  • Bug fix: Create events permissions broken
  • Bug fix: Host list broken in WordPress versions lower than 3.1
  • Bug fix: My Calendar not using WordPress defaults for customizable date and time settings if not set by user.
  • Bug fix: Turning off calendar icons did not turn off icons in key
  • Bug fix: details links used current URL instead of stored URL
  • Bug fix: default widget settings not loaded on upgrade.
  • Bug fix: next/previous links not working on home page if permalinks not set.
  • Bug fix: event title shown in date field in list mode was not for the first event of the day.
  • Style change: Minor change to my-calendar.css to adjust for the green background on weekends. (Which showed up as the result of a fix to an HTML problem in 1.8.9.)
  • Bug fix/Option add: Added option to remove individual iCal link
  • Option add: Added option to conceal first event title/number of events with date in list mode.



  • template editing for list, grid, mini, and single event output.
  • pop-up box is now draggable.
  • date format option for grid mode, week view.
  • templating for details link text.
  • templating for event URL link text.
  • location filtering from shortcode.
  • image upload option for events
  • day class to calendar date headings and cells
  • individual instances of repeating events can be edited
  • feature to add multiple occurrences of an event simultaneously. (concept from Dave Heitzman)
  • feature to mass edit information for groups of events (concept from Dave Heitzman)
  • stored URL for locations (contrib by John Colvin)
  • recurring daily events on weekdays only (based on contrib by John Colvin)
  • optional templating for all event output formats
  • individual event occurrence iCal export
  • numerous additional template tags
  • Option to use custom location filter fields as data control
  • Shortcode to generate list of saved locations
  • Network administrators can control whether sub-site calendars contribute only to a central calendar, only to their own calendar, or whether site administrators can make that choice.
  • Upgrade notice information in dashboard for future upgrades.
  • implementation of WordPress text diff to compare your styles and scripts against my current released versions
  • Option to skip a defined number of events in upcoming events lists.

Bug fixes:

  • jump box was displaying in week/grid view.
  • some potentially repeatable IDs (code validation).
  • 'Administrators see all options' did not work.
  • Fixed timestamps on main calendar objects
  • Squashed e_notice errors.
  • category limiting did not work without permalinks due to GET variable conflict with WordPress core
  • Missing nonce in database upgrade routine
  • Mini calendar simultaneously displayed single event view when visited.
  • Link generation for details view did not work if calendar link parameterized
  • Issue with weekdays only calendar if day of week set to start on Sunday
  • Issue with retrieval of user-specific settings
  • Issue with accessing styles and javascript if My Calendar installed in non-standard directory.
  • Problem in Today's Events widget when Holiday restrictions are enabled.


  • replaced all default icons with 24-bit transparent PNGs
  • jumpbox output to automatically scope to the oldest dates in the database.
  • iCal output changed to output all events for complete current month
  • RSS output to prioritze newly added events
  • holiday skipping/fifth week customization moved into event manager function
  • new 'close' icon for pop-up box; added close icon and scripting to mini calendar pop-up
  • copy in several places; updated template tags.
  • location lists sorted by location label (contrib by John Colvin)
  • Eliminated calendar heading option
  • default style resets no longer stored in global variables, instead stored as files.
  • Map links now trigger the driving directions dialog in Google Maps
  • New default stylesheet, refresh.css


  • Fixed bug with database upgrade in multi-user additional calendars
  • Fixed bug where calendar picked up current month labeling using current day of the month
  • Added French translation


  • Fixed bug in locations filtering that disabled feature if user not logged in.
  • Re-arranged settings and added notices about options which will be removed in a future release.
  • Revised RSS feed to use event permalinks when they are available.


  • One very minor change in 1.8.6 caused some plug-in conflicts, so I rolled that change back. Will find another solution to the problem it solved. This change affects very few users.


  • Fixed bug with {details} template tag when Upcoming widgets configured as Events
  • Location and category filters now do not display forms/lists if there isn't more than one choice.
  • Extended details link feature to main calendar output and added to output options.
  • Minor changes to time-entry jQuery plug-in to improve usability.
  • Updated Japanese translation to 1.8.5
  • Added Russian translation to 1.8.5


  • Another bug fix to monthly-by-day recurrence.
  • Fixed minor problem with default template not being visible in widget.
  • Fixed 'widget title linked' bug.
  • Added Turkish translation by Mehmet Ko&231;ali


  • Mini calendar widget had a mis-labeled option field
  • Custom User settings for event region didn't function correctly.
  • A variety of bug fixes applied to events repeating on a monthly-by-day basis


  • Turned on spam flag toggle, which I had commented out and failed to restore...
  • Default return false ('not spam') for privileged users when checking Akismet


  • Fixed bug with {icon} template tag, for real.
  • Fixed RSS missing argument
  • Fixed empty list rendering in upcoming events widget


  • Fixed bug with region saving on edit of location
  • Fixed bug with single-event view receiving date as array
  • Fixed bug with {icon} template tag
  • Fixed bug with calendar output if user settings are enabled but not applied by user
  • Fixed bug with list/grid format toggle
  • Fixed bug with upcoming events limited by category names


  • Added event region as a location field
  • Added time selector and altered calendar range selector.
  • Added visual editor for event description textarea.
  • Added templating tag to add a link to the single event view.
  • Added option to not display weekends in grid format.
  • Added unique ID for each event in calendar.
  • Added default sort order option for admin events list.
  • Added admin events list to screen while editing or copying event.
  • Added shortcode generator for Page and Post editor.
  • Added spam protection: New events are now checked through Akismet if installed and configured.
  • Added category selection shortcode.
  • Added mini calendar widget.
  • Added external link class.
  • Added list/grid view toggle.
  • Added mobile detection so mobile devices receive list format without JavaScript for easier reading.
  • Added Upcoming Events widget sort order option.
  • Added Option to link widget title to main calendar page.
  • Change: Minor reorganization of settings page.
  • Change: Altered time input to use non-military format time, added JavaScript time input.
  • Change: Moved My Calendar menu items into the content menu.
  • Change: When calendar is limited by categories, only the displayed categories are listed in the category key.
  • Change: If widget title is left blank, widget will have no title.
  • Change: Moved translation files into a subdirectory (/lang/)
  • Bug fix: hcal dates
  • Bug fix: problem where restoring styles referenced out of date styles
  • Bug fix: error in primary stylesheet
  • Bug fix: issue with month-by-day recurring events when recurrance set at 0
  • Bug fix: issue with end dates when recurrance set at 0
  • Bug fix: DB installed to match WPDB chararacter set and collation.
  • Bug fix: turn-of-year page navigation in week view.
  • Bug fix: entries not remembered in error condition post
  • Updated German Translation to version 1.7.0 (Christopher Schauer)
  • Updated German Translation to version 1.7.8 (Uwe Jonas)
  • Note: during this update cycle, I received two German translations, and am using the most up to date version.
  • Added Swedish Translation to version 1.7.8


  • Bug fix: Behaviors page limits lost on settings refresh
  • Bug fix: Fix {enddate} shortcode output.
  • Bug fix: iCal output improvements
  • Modification: RSS and iCal output are disabled entirely when turned off, rather than just hidden.
  • Modification: Added styles for days out of current month


  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events widget fault in 'dates' mode.


  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events widget in days mode was not offsetting time using GMT reference. (Committed silently in 1.7.5)
  • Bug fix: Default template not rendered in Today's Events when template left blank
  • Bug fix: Slashes not stripped in category key.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events widget if no upcoming events
  • Bug fix: Error with retrieval of Author's ID
  • Fixed some non-translatable text strings
  • Logic change: Upcoming Events now bases choice on time rather than date (events happening later today are future, rather than only events happening tomorrow or later.)
  • Enhancement: respects custom wp-content location definitions


  • Bug fix: Error with upcoming events when selected by dates and holiday skipping enabled.
  • Bug fix: Upcoming Events widget title defaulted to 'Today's Events'
  • Change: Reversed order of Latitude/Longitude on forms to match Google's implementation.


  • Bug fix: Upcoming events templates ran htmlentities on output


  • Bug fix: upcoming events substitute text still not appearing in some contexts.
  • Bug fix: Today's event substitute text had assignment in place of comparison
  • Bug fix: Event location not saved properly on edit if Location Fields are disabled on input
  • Bug fix: Fixed date and time issues in iCal output
  • Bug fix: Fixed character set issue in RSS output
  • Bug fix: Major problem with Holiday category event delimiting
  • Danish translation updated to 1.7.0
  • Japanese translation updated to 1.7.1
  • Minor documentation and readme.txt updates
  • Added additional fallback settings for widgets
  • Fixed minor installation issue with version detection.
  • Added CSS hook .nextmonth on dates occurring past the end of the currently displayed month.
  • Added check for '#' symbol on hex colors in category management.


  • Bug fix: Fixed import from Calendar feature.
  • Bug fixed: Upcoming events widget default text fixed
  • Italian translation updated to 1.7.0


  • Default setting for custom user location type not set
  • Reset for inherit.css styles missing
  • Widget shortcodes stripped HTML
  • Added a fallback function for exif_imagetype 'cuz some servers don't have it available by default.
  • Nonce missing in database upgrade
  • Ability to edit text for shortcode fallback (No events text) lost.
  • Widget defaults not installed on new installation
  • Mini and List jQuery did not prevent default link action
  • Changed install action to default User settings to off.


  • Fix in AJAX navigation for IE
  • Fix in JavaScript to re-activate close button
  • Fixed bug with locations list not registering current location type in form mode
  • Fixed bug with upcoming events and today's events output when regions limits were set
  • Fixed bug with upcoming events producing incorrect dates for events recurring on a specific day of the month.
  • Revision of Widgeting setup to offer multi-widget support (will require you to re-setup your widgets)
  • Revision of style editor to use external stylesheets.
  • Revision of style support to add option for custom stylesheets stored outside of plugin directory
  • Added: multiple base stylesheets
  • Added: Event markup in hCal format
  • Added Weekly mode for list and grid view
  • Added RSS and iCal exports for upcoming events (enable and disable in settings)
  • Added option to block display of an event if there is an event that day which is in a designated 'Holiday' category.
  • Added permission setting to allow non-administrators to edit or delete any event.
  • Added Czech translation (to 1.6.3)
  • Updated Italian and Danish translations
  • Security: Implemented nonces


  • Updated jQuery to fix conflicts in previous versions and so behaviors would work with AJAX navigation. Not updated by upgrade; use Behaviors reset to apply.
  • Incorporated option to enable AJAX navigation for next/previous navigation.
  • Fixed bug with multi-month display in list format where January could not be displayed.
  • Revised settings page for clarity.
  • Fixed some default settings issues.
  • Fixed a bug where the locations lists didn't respect the datatype parameter.
  • Added templating to event titles for calendar grid or list output.


  • Fixed broken style editor. (The way it was broken was awfully weird...kinda wonder how I did it!)
  • Fixed missing div in calendar list output.
  • Removed debugging call which had been left from testing.
  • Fixed storage of initial settings for user settings (array did not store probably initially.)
  • Added Italian translation by Sabir Musta


  • Bug fix in event saving


  • Feature: User profile defined time zone preference
  • Feature: User profile defined location preference
  • Feature: Define event host as separate from event author
  • Feature: Added ability to hide Prev/Next links as shortcode attribute
  • Change: Separated Style editing from JS editing


  • Fixed: Bug with permissions in event approval process.


  • Fixed: Bug which broke the {category} template tag
  • Fixed: Bug which moved extra parameters before the "?" in URLs
  • Fixed: Bug which produced an incorrect date with day/month recurring events on dates with no remainder
  • Added: Japanese translation by Daisuke Abe


  • Fixed: Bug where event data wasn't remembered if an error was triggered on submission.


  • Fixed: Bug where events recurring monthly by days appeared on wrong date when month begins on Sunday.
  • Fixed: Bug where events recurring monthly by days appeared on dates prior to the scheduled event start.
  • Performance improvement: Added SQL join to incorporate category data in event object
  • Added quicktag to provide access to category color and icon in widget templates
  • Changed link expiration to be associated with the end date of events rather than the beginning date.
  • Updated readme plugin description, help files, and screenshots.


  • Added: German translation.
  • Updated: Danish translation.
  • Added: Administrator notification by email feature [Contributions by Roland]
  • Added: Reservations and Approval system for events. [Contributions by Roland]
  • Added: Events can be recurring on x day of month, e.g. 3rd Monday of the month.


  • Fixed: Failed to increment internal version pointer in previous version.
  • Fixed: Invalid styles created if category color set to default.
  • Fixed: (Performance) Default calendar view attempted to select invalid category.
  • Updated: Danish translation.


  • Fixed: Bug where location edits couldn't be saved if location fields were on and dropdown was off
  • Fixed: Bug where latitude and longitude were switched on Google Maps links
  • Fixed: Bug where map link would not be provided if no location data was entered except Lat/Long coordinates.


  • Added: Ability to copy events to create a new instance of that event
  • Added: Customization of which input elements are visible separate from what output is shown.
  • Fixed: Issue where one JS element could not be fully disabled
  • Fixed: Internationalization fault with Today's Events showing events from previous day
  • Fixed some assorted text errors and missing internationalization strings.
  • Fixed issue where the 'Help' link was added to all plug-in listings.
  • Reorganized settings page UI.


  • Fixed: Bug where infinitely recurring events whose first occurrence was in the future were not rendered in upcoming events
  • Fixed: Bug where infinitely recurring bi-weekly events only rendered their first event in calendar view
  • Added: Option to indicate whether registration for an event is open or closed, with customizable text.
  • Added: Option to supply a short description alternative to the full description.


  • Fixed: Flash of unstyled content prevention scripts weren't disabled when other scripting was disabled.
  • Fixed: Categories which started with numerals couldn't have custom styles.
  • Fixed: Locations required valid 0 float value to save records on some servers; now supplied by default.


  • Fixed a bug with editing and adding locations
  • Fixed a bug with error messages when adding categories
  • Fixed a bug with identification of current day (again?)
  • Added Danish translation (Thanks to Jakob Smith)


  • Fixed a bug where event end times tags were not rendered when blank in widget templates
  • Fixed a bug with event adding and updating for Windows IIS
  • Fixed a bug with international characters
  • Reduced number of SQL queries made.
  • Moved JavaScript output to footer.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Significant edits to basic codebase to improve efficiency.
  • Fixed bug where full default styles didn't initially load on new installs.
  • Re-organized default styles to make it easier for users to customize colors.


  • Fixed a bug where event end times were displaying the start time instead when editing.
  • Fixed a bug introduced by the mini calendar option which displayed titles twice in list format.
  • Fixed a bunch of typ

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-6-17
Downloads: 381,877


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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