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Music Store is an online store for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything audio. In Music Store, secure payments with PayPal.

Q: Why the sales button don't show?

A: First, go to the settings page of music store and be sure the PayPal checkbox is checked, and has defined the seller's email. Second, in case of collections, be sure the collection has a price defined and songs associated. Third, in case of songs, be sure the song has a price defined and a audio file associated.

Q: Why the song don't displays on music store?

A: If you want to sale a song as a single, it is required to check the "Sell as a single" checkbox in the song data form.

Q: Why the audio file is played partially?

A: If you decide to protect the audio file, the audio file is played partially in demo to avoid its copy by users and software unauthorized.

Q: Why the music player is not loading on page?

A: Verify that the theme used in your website, includes the function wp_footer(); in the template file "footer.php" or the template file "index.php"

Q: What can I do if the music-store directory exists and the premium version of plugin cannot be installed?

A: Go to the plugins section in WordPress, deactivate the free version of Music Store, and delete it ( Don't worry, this process don't modify the songs created with the free version of plugin), and finally install and activate the premium version of plugin.

Q: Does allow the music store a different payment gateway than PayPal?

A: I'm sorry, but the current version of plugin allows PayPal only.

Q: Can the customers pay directly with its credit cards?

A: The restriction is imposed by PayPal. Please, check that your PayPal account allow to charge directly from the credit cards of customers.

Q: How to display different numbers design in the sales counter?

A: To use your own numbers design, you must create a new directory with the name of new style in "/wp-content/plugins/music-store/ms-core/images/counter", and upload to the new folder, an image in gif format, for each digit from 0 to 9.

Q: Is possible modify the appearance of music store?

A: The design of each section of Music Store, is determined from templates located in "/wp-content/plugins/music-store/ms-templates".

The "ms-templates" directory contains multiple files, some of them for songs, and others for collections.

The template files:

  • song.tpl.html and collection.tpl.html are used in the Music Store's page.
  • song_single.tpl.html and collection_single.tpl.html are used in particular pages of songs and collections.
  • song_multiple.tpl.html and collection_multipl.tpl.html are used in pages of multiple entries like: archives and search result page.

Q: Is possible promote a product, or products list?

A: It is possible promote a product or products list, from the website's sidebars, or directly from the content of pages or posts.

To promote the products on sidebars, go to the widgets section, and inserts the corresponding widget on sidebar.

To promote the products from the content of pages and posts, go to the page and press the corresponding icon over the contents editor.

Q: Are safe the products' downloads?

A: The security in the access to songs files is determined in different ways.

  • The song files can't be accessed directly. The purchased files are stored in a special directory called ms-downloads, the ms-downloads directory includes a .htaccess file that forbid the access from browser. The file can be accessed only through a server side script that validates the purchase.

  • The Music Store determines the validity of download links based in two options, available in the settings page of plugin. -- It is possible define a time period, in days, where a download link is considered valid. If a user tries to download a purchased product, the Music Store checks the date of purchasing.

-- It is possible define a limit of downloads by purchase. If a user tries to download a product, the Music Store checks how many downloads have been made.

-- The Music Store may be configured to request the email address used in the purchasing to check the validity of download link.

Q: Can I customize the store's design?

A: The plugin includes some different designs that can be selected through the settings option "Store Layout", but you can create a new once, duplicating an of available store's layouts, and edit its style.css file

Requires: 3.0.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-16
Downloads: 17,822


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