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Multilingual Press

Create networks with multiple languages


  • Show current site in mlp_get_available_languages_titles() with proper language name.


  • Changes to the Pro version only, skipped in the free version.


  • Extend return value of Mlp_Helpers::get_blog_language(): lang and language_short return just the first part of a language tag, language_long the complete language tag.
  • Make get_available_languages_titles() use the correct source.
  • Remove language-list.php.


  • Code refactoring
  • New Language Manager with editable languages
  • Rename Widget to Language Switcher
  • Improved storage of site relationships
  • Set attributes width and height for flags
  • Fixed error on plugin deactivation
  • Implement uninstall.php to clean up on deletion properly
  • Simplify user interface in site settings
  • Better keyboard accessibility for form fields
  • Convert text domain calls to static strings
  • Better label texts
  • Missing translation does not prevent translating a post again anymore
  • Post authors of translations are not overwritten anymore.
  • Show current site in widget works now
  • Rework translation metaboxes, there is now one box for each language
  • Rename blog to site in the user interface
  • Update German translation, remove outdated other translations


  • Fix incorrect URLs when front page is set as static page or custom post type.


  • Better data handling during setup of post relationships.
  • Fixed wrong links in widget on the front page.
  • Added a Catalonian flag, the Canadian flag was used for ca accidentally.
  • Removed need to reload settings after adding a new relationship.
  • Copy post meta data and featured image for connected posts.
  • Set preview of connected posts to readonly, not disabled to make copy and paste easier.
  • Show languages in site list in native writing style (alphabet), not flags.
  • Improved German translation.
  • Made all text domain references static strings.
  • Unify hook names. Developers: we will change our API completely in version 1.2. If you have any questions, please contact us before you write new code.
  • Added a language list in inc/language-list.php to get languages in native and English writing by ISO codes.
  • Added a helper class Mlp_Db_Replace to update multiple tables and columns at once.
  • Many minor stability and performance improvements.


  • Code: Auto Updater Improvements
  • Code: Fixed Feature Loader
  • Removed link to blog posts on is_home()
  • Removed static ?noredirect parameter
  • Added modern greek as language
  • Added private posts for translations
  • Added parameter handling for mlp_show_linked_elements template function
  • Added parameter show_current_blog on mlp_show_linked_elements template function
  • Added show current blog at the MLP Widget
  • Added hook for checkbox "translate this post"
  • Added hook to change the default meta box
  • Added hook to change the link to the blog
  • Changed admin_url into network_admin_url
  • Redirect Feature: Added better check for session_start
  • Redirect Feature: Added redirect on is_home()
  • Redirect Feature: Added ?noredirect link with core plugin hook
  • Redirect Feature: Added english as browser language
  • Quicklink Feature: Added blog language to quicklink
  • Dashboard Widget: Fixed "This post is translated" checkbox
  • Advanced Translator: Removed default metabox when feature is active
  • Added Feature: Default Actions
  • Autoupdate Feature: Removed autoupdate module from module list


  • Code: Fixed Auto Updater
  • Version: Hopping due to some Auto Update Issues


  • Code: Fixed Wrong Encoding in different files
  • Code: Fixed several warnings, notices and small bugs
  • Code: Fixed Auto Updater
  • Code: Fixed several Advanced Translator Bugs
  • Code: Fixed Post Relationships in Blog Duplicate


  • Feature: Advanced Translator for Posts and Pages
  • Feature: Support for Custom Post Types
  • Feature: Dashboard Widget
  • Feature: Duplicate Blogs
  • Feature: Quick Load of new language packs
  • Feature: Automatic browser redirection
  • Feature: Systemwide Trash
  • Feature: Individual backend language user settings


  • Using local logo


  • Feature: Added Demo Module
  • Feature: Added sort option to widget
  • Feature: Added is_home() to our queries
  • Feature: Added mlp_get_interlinked_permalinks
  • Feature: Added mlp_get_blog_language
  • Code: Fixed Widget
  • Code: Fixed several notices
  • Code: Fixed Buffer Bug in Settingspage
  • Code: Fixed Notices on refresh of the blog settings
  • Code: Fixed Column Content
  • Code: Fixed Relationship Error Notice
  • Code: Better Error Message for blog relationships
  • Code: Constant Language Strings
  • Code: Added Korean Language


  • PHP 5.2 Fix


  • Adding Plugin Settingspage, Code Cleanup
  • added check that prevents the use of this plugin in a not-setted blog
  • Codexified several stuff
  • Fixed Missing Table from external Module
  • Added filter for the list, fixed Style
  • Fixed several notices
  • fixed language key output


  • Codexified
  • Renamed the files
  • changed textdomain
  • fixed fi_FI language pack
  • fixed several widget bugs ( #10, #13, #18, #22 )
  • Documentation
  • Only load the Widget CSS when widget is used
  • added a check box to the editing view asking whether you want to create the drafts to other languages
  • Translation is availeable for drafts
  • Fixed up JS
  • Blog Checkup for invalid data


  • Display an admin notice if the plugin was not activated on multisite
  • Set the parent page if this page was also handled by the plugin Issue 2
  • Fix a problem that a new multisite cannot set related blogs
  • Change filter Issue 12
  • Widget bugfix Issue 12
  • Smaller source via use function selected() Issue 12
  • Static value for register widget Issue 12
  • Update Wiki for wrapper functions Wiki on Repo
  • Add new pages on Wiki on Repo for Filter- and Action Hooks inside the plugin
  • Fix bug, if you kill data on an blog for dont interlinked with other blogs


  • Exported the basic UI and userinput handling functionality into "default-module" class
  • By default post types other than post and page are excluded
  • Incorrect flags for some languages Issue 7


  • Exported helper functions into own class
  • Code documentation


  • Updated language codes

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-24
Downloads: 64,427


4 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars


5 of 5 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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