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Simple Mortgage Calculator

Let your website visitors calculate their mortgage/loan payments based upon the interest rates and loan amount entered(plugin + widget)

Simple Mortgage Calculator Features

Visitors can:
- change any values without reloading the page.
- select "Calculate" and wait a few seconds for the results to appear.

Plugin can be used inside any article by placing the following code:
If you want to use it as a widget just slide the "Monthly Mortgage Calculator" widget to your desired sidebar.

If you want to change the currency sign you can edit the following files and lines:

- line 53 after each <td>
- line 62 after each <td>
- line 74 before </td>

- line 31 before </td>

ps: If your server is using a php version less than 5.3.x then before installing plugin delete file "mortgage-calc.php" and rename file "mortgage-calc-for-php-less-than-3x.php" to "mortgage-calc.php".


There is also a Premium Mortgage and Loan Calculator Plugin that has the following additional features:

  • Enter "Extra Payments" details but its not required.
  • Enable the "Send report to email" option in case you want to have your report sent as an email for future comparison.
  • Every time your visitor enables the email report you get results saved in your WordPress database under table wp_a_m_c_reports.
    You can use that table for exporting reports and other useful data. Plugin uninstall also removes all related tables.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-3-20
Downloads: 811


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