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Mobiloud - WordPress Native Mobile Apps Builder (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Create real native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android with your WordPress site. No coding required.

How much does it cost?

The Mobile App Plugin is free to install. You can also design your own app at no cost and with no risk. Once you have designed your app and would like to publish it on the App Store, we have simple pricing plans you can choose from. Check the pricing plans on Mobiloud.com.

Does Mobiloud help me build a mobile site?

We don't provide a mobile site together with your app. It's a good idea to have a mobile site, so casual visitors can still have a decent experience on your site when using a mobile device. Of course, we recommend you also build a mobile app, to convert those casual visitors into loyal followers, increase your traffic and keep growing your audience.

The following plugins are all compatible with Mobiloud: WP-Touch, WordPress Mobile Edition, WordPress Mobile Pack, Mobile Press.

What functionality will my mobile app offer?

Your app will automatically show the latest content from your site, with no need for you to update it manually. Your app will display posts and pages, comments and categories. Your users will be able to read content online and offline, share it with a single tap, save their favourites, leave comments on your articles and, most importantly, receive push notifications alerting them to new content.

Can I test out my app online before I buy?

Yes, after installing the plugin and signing up you'll be able to test your app. Even before that, you can try our example application to get a feel of how Mobiloud apps work.

Can I try an example app on my iPhone or iPad?

Sure, we have published many apps you can try directly. Just open up App Store on your phone or iPad and search for Speckyboy.

Can I have advertising on my app?

Of course! We support Admob and Adwords, out of the box. You can also add your own code for any kind of HTML banners.

Can you add more functionality to the app?

Yes, we can easily integrate additional content or functionality in your app, such as your Twitter feed, podcast, image or video galleries. Get in touch at hello@mobiloud.com to get a quote.

Can you design my app for me?

Yes, we offer a VIP setup option which includes icon and app design, with 2 revisions from our designers. Just email us at design@mobiloud.com for a quote.

Why should I build a mobile app for my blog?

More and more, people are choosing to use their smartphones and tablets to read online content. Not only these devices make reading more comfortable, which explains why people prefer them to PCs, but there are now millions of mobile users who have just started accessing online content, as they never really used a PC before. On these mobile devices, users spend 80% of their time on apps. So no wonder, they expect to find your content in the form of a mobile app!

With a mobile app you'll be able to convert casual visitors into loyal followers. Why? Because your app will be front and center, easily accessible from the home screen of their device. And because you can alert with push notifications whenever you post something new.

What is a native mobile app?

Mobiloud apps, on every platform, are native mobile apps. Most competing solutions instead give you HTML5 apps, which means really mobile sites re-packaged as apps. The big difference is in performance and user experience.

Native apps are fast, run smoothly on the devices they are designed for, and make full use of each platform's capabilities. They're also easier to use, because they're designed to look and feel familiar on each mobile platform, be it iOS or Android. A Mobiloud app allows your users to receive push notifications, share with a single tap, quickly comment on articles and access content offline. In short, if you want to impress your users, go native and build a real mobile app!

Can I use Disqus or Facebook comments?

Yes, you can use Disqus or Facebook for comments on your app to replace the standard WordPress commenting system.

Can I use my own Apple account?

Yes, we recommend you register your own Apple developer account, though it's not requried. You can get yours here.

Is there a long term contract?

No contracts here! You pay month-to-month, and if you're unhappy with the service, you can simply cancel by emailing us at support@mobiloud.com. Simple. No risk.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Here is our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Where are you based?

We're a UK company based in London. Mobiloud a trademark of Fifty Pixels Ltd. Come meet us at Clerkenwell Workshops, 31 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AT.

Can I contact you over the phone?

Just call us on +1 415 5130 886 or on Skype (skypename fiftypixels).

Any questions?

You can contact us at hello@mobiloud.com

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-7
Downloads: 35,094


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