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Mobile Client Detection Plugin

The Mobile Client Detection Plugin can overload platform-specific themes or templates - and it provides query_vars platform & browser.

How does it work ?

The plugin adds two query_vars to each request (it uses PHP instead of mod_rewrite), which can be used to create templates with multi-device support - and it can send out platform-specific template-files or whole themes!!

Which values can the query_var 'platform' return ?

  1. android-phone, blackberry, windows, iphone, ipod, iemobile, webos, symbian, googlebot-mobile (or general: mobile).
  2. android-tablet, ipad, kindle (or general: tablet).
  3. windows, win64, wow64, macintosh, ppx mac os x, intel mac os x (or general: desktop).

The value 'desktop' can be (most likely) considered as a desktop PC - since there’s pretty much any popular mobile platform covered.

Which values can the query_var 'browser' return ?

  1. fennec, iemobile, mobile safari, googlebot-mobile (or general: mobile).
  2. msie 5,msie 6, msie 7, msie 8, msie 9, chrome, camino, firefox, safari (or general: desktop)
  3. w3c_validator, googlebot (or general: bot)

Does this plugin have any options ?

  1. 'General Only': Yes/No - limit results to mobile, tablet, deskop, bot
  2. 'Debug Output': Yes/No - append debug output to the footer on front-end
  3. 'Modus Operandi': default WP template / template-overloading / theme-overloading
  4. 'Add query_vars platform & browser': Yes/No - those vars are available in any theme file.

Where can I find these options ?

You can find the options in the menu under Settings > Mobile Client Detection.

Does this plug-in provide any conditional statements ?

  1. is_desktop()
  2. is_mobile()
  3. is_tablet()
  4. is_chrome()
  5. is_explorer()

Requires: 3.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-26
Downloads: 5,089


3 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars


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