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Metronet Reorder Posts

A simple and easy way to reorder your custom post-type posts in WordPress.

Where's the settings page?

There is no settings page per se. The plugin adds an ordering page as a submenu under each post type.

Where is the "save" button?

There isn't one. The changes are saved automatically .

Can I use this on a single post type?

We have attempted to make the class as user-friendly and adaptable as possible. You can either extract the "Reorder" class from the plugin and use it directly. Or alternatively, you can filter the post-types via your custom plugin or theme.


add_filter( 'metronet_reorder_post_types', 'slug_set_reorder' );
function slug_set_reorder( $post_types ) {
    $post_types = array( 'my_custom_post_type', 'my_other_post_type' );
    return $post_types;


Does the plugin work with hierarchical post types?

Yes, but be wary that the plugin now allows you to re-nest hierarchical items easily.

Does it work in older versions of WordPress?

Probably, but we only support the latest version of WordPress.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Last Updated: 2013-7-19
Downloads: 18,020


3 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars


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