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Menu Customizer

Manage your Custom Menus with the Customizer. GSoC Project in ALPHA development.

This plugin is a WordPress Google Summer of Code 2014 project. See the updates on Make WordPress Core for more information.

The Menu Customizer adds custom menu management to the Customizer. It is partially functional and in alpha development until further notice; please don't try to run it on a production site. The plugin requires WordPress 4.0 beta 1 or higher, as it utilizes new functionalities added in 4.0. Once the plugin hits version 0.1, it will be at the initial feature-complete stage and ready for full testing. Until then, consider it a preview of things to come, but don't expect things to work :)

Core Patches

Several improvements to the Customizer are also in the works as a part of this project, in the form of core patches. See Customizer Improvements in 4.0, and an upcomming Customizer Roadmap for details.

Requires: 4.0-beta1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0
Last Updated: 2014-7-25
Downloads: 252


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