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Mention comment's Authors by Wabeo

When adding a comment, your users can directly mentioning the author of another comment, like facebook or twitter do,using the "@" symbol.

How to customize Mention Comment's Authors apparence ?

You can Easaly overide MCA style, in CSS, because all style use only one class (refer to the mca-styles.css file) But if you prefer, you can dequeue plugin's style and include (and modify) the plugin's stylesheet into your own theme file.

To disable the inclusion of the style sheet, just add this code to the functions.php file of your theme :

add_filter( 'mca-load-styles', '__return_false' );

Why the plugin isn't working ?

There are several reasons why the plugin does not work:

  • make sure your theme uses properly "comment_text" filter hook to display the comments
  • make sure your theme uses properly "comment_form" action hook after the comment form
  • make sure your theme uses properly "comment_post" action hook after publishing comments (if you're running an ajax based comment system). Don't forget to pass the arguments to this hook.
  • make sure there are no conflit between the plugin and your javascripts file (regards to dependancies !), maybe your script have to load after the plugin...

How to disable (or filter) mail sending ?

The plugin automatically sends an email to comment's authors having been mentioned by another user. If you want to disable this feature, just paste this code to the functions.php file of your theme :

add_filter( 'mca_send_email_on_mention', '__return_false' );

But if you want, you can also and conditions. To help you filter, the hook embeds the comment and the list of recipients expected.

For example, if you want to doesn't send mail to commentators already mailed by the "subscribe to comments" plugin, You can do this :

add_filter( 'mca_filter_recipient','dont_send_user_who_already_subscribe', 100, 2 );
function dont_send_user_who_already_subscribe( $recipients, $comment ) {
    global $wpdb;
    $su = $wpdb->get_results( "
        SELECT comment_author 
        FROM {$wpdb->comments} 
        WHERE comment_subscribe = 'Y' 
        AND comment_post_ID = {$comment->comment_post_ID};", ARRAY_N );

    foreach( $su as $val )
        if( array_key_exists( sanitize_title( $val ), $recipients ) )
            unset( $recipients[ sanitize_title( $val ) ] );

    return $recipients;

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-17
Downloads: 1,229


5 stars
5 out of 5 stars


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