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Mendeley Plugin for WordPress is a plugin for displaying information from the Mendeley "shared bibliography system" in WordPress blogs.

= 0.9.6 (25.6.2014) * bugfix: sometimes sortorder=desc and asc were misinterpreted - should work now

= 0.9.5 (16.6.2014) * removed support for OAuth1 * bugfix: sortorder=desc was ignored - should work now

= 0.9.4 (21.2.2014) * additional code for displaying error messages from CURL subsystem (regarding connecting to Mendeley API server) * bugfix regarding authentification of OAuth2 refresh requests

= 0.9.3 (18.2.2014) * bugfix concerning escape characters in OAuth2 client secrets (added stripslashes()) * added possibility to remove/delete OAuth2 access token

= 0.9.2 (18.2.2014) * bugfix concerning formatting via csl style files

= 0.9.1 (15.2.2014) * bugfix concerning loading of csl style files

= 0.9 (12.2.2014) * Added support for OAuth2 authentication (since the Mendeley API no longer supports OAuth1) * Support for OAuth1 remains in rudimentary form (if you already have authorized the plugin, you can continue to use it)

= 0.8.8 (30.01.2014) * do not include log output in output caching * bug fix: CSL formatting now works again (problem with missing elements in output e.g. journal title)

= 0.8.7 (29.01.2014) * refactoring of filtering code to deal with minor problems

= 0.8.6 (29.01.2014) * corrected name of "My Publications" widget * again set maximum number of documents (to 10000) since omitting this value sometimes defaults to 10 ...

= 0.8.5 (29.01.2014) * using cURL to load CSL files (instead of get_file_content) * added error message when loading CSL file fails

= 0.8.4 * updated CiteProc library (for formatting CSL) to version from 15.3.2013 * completely removed number of documents limit when reading from Mendeley * bug fix: filtering by tags and keywords now works again

= 0.8.3 * bug fixes * changed maximum number of documents to be retrieved from Mendeley from 1000 to 10000

= 0.8.2 * added support for filtering for more than one attribute at once

= 0.8.1 * added support for displaying details pages for references directly in WordPress

= 0.8 * added support for formatting entries via CSL (Citation Style Language) * added tooltip display of full reference in widget lists * do not insert error responses in cache database


  • initializeDatabase only checks for existence of table if db_version is wrong
  • added index in database to optimize queries


  • sorting by year or other attributes now does sub-sorting by add-date, so the order might be correct in the years


  • corrected problem with incorrect JSON encoding (replaced calls to addslashes() with calls to json_encode())


  • if no url is defined, but a doi is defined, a dx.doi.org/... url is set
  • corrected bug when sorting lists by author


  • corrected bug with output caching


  • added output caching


  • added possibility to display own publications (type = 'own')
  • added widget for displaying own publications


  • added link to spanisch tutorial
  • bug fix in widgets: missing declaration ob global variable $mendeleyPlugin


  • added support for creating JSON files with references on demand - e.g. to be used as a data source for Simile/Exhibit


  • some bug fixes / additional handling regarding the new author data format


  • adapted author handling to new way (forename, surname)


  • minor bug fix (multiple URLs have been parsed using the same type)


  • minor bug fixes (thanks to Matthias Budde for contributing)


  • minor bug fix (saveguarded all access to arrays returned from API by is_array calls)


  • adapted to Mendeley API changes: map "collections" and "sharedcollections" methods to "folders" and "groups"


  • fixed bug in caching (which prevented the cache from updating)
  • extensive tests on WordPress 3.1.1 and some minor bug fixes


  • added support for Mendeley "groups" and Mendeley "documents" in addition to "collections" and "sharedcollections"
  • added support for sorting without grouping and sorting within groups
  • combined different widgets to one and added support for "groups" and "documents"


  • added support to filter by editor, tag and keyword in shortcode option
  • fixed bug in caching (which prevented the cache from updating)


  • added support for displaying error messages from service


  • corrected several bugs (that had to do with handling options)
  • set caching to weekly as default option (due to rate limit restrictions of the api)


  • corrected bug that used to overwrite access token with empty string after it was received and stored in database


  • tested and debugged widget support
  • provided widget support for non widgetized themes
  • added functionality to filter for attributes in widget lists
  • added functionality to filter for attributes in lists on pages (shortcode "mendeley")


  • When displaying URLs, use different anchor texts for pdf, scribd, ...
  • Load oauth library only when no other oauth library has been loaded before - to avoid a "Cannot redeclare class oauthconsumer" runtime error


  • Support for additional document attributes (display journal issue, pages etc)
  • Initial support for internationalization

0.3.1 (11.08.2010)

  • Corrected typo in source code
  • More consistent and complete support for CSS formatting output
  • Widgets now support display of latest / first x documents from collection

0.3.0 (11.08.2010)

  • Added support for caching the data requested from Mendeley in the WordPress database


  • Added support for widgets


  • First release

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-6-16
Downloads: 4,347


3 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars


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