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MemberFindMe Login Connector

Allows members to login to MemberFindMe and as a WordPress user on your site. Also enables member only access to specified pages/posts.

MemberFindMe is a comprehensive website, membership management and event management solution for small to mid sized chambers, professional groups, associations and other member organizations.

This plugin supplements the main MemberFindMe plugin (version 1.2 and up) to provide member only access to specific posts/pages. This plugin also synchronizes member login to the MemberFindMe system and your WordPress backend, which lets you use other plugins that rely on the WordPress user system.

  • Creates a new user account on WordPress (if account does not already exist) upon member login or signup
  • Replaces Gravatar with the member's MemberFindMe avatar
  • Enable member only access to specific posts/pages
  • Restrict access by membership level or label
  • Adds a login/logout widget

To restrict the content of the entire post/page to members, place the [memberonly] shortcode at the beginning of the post. Placing the [memberonly] shortcode within the page will allow content above the shortcode to be displayed to non-members, and content below the shortcode to be restricted to members.

To restrict access to certain membership levels or labels, use the shortcode [memberonly label="..."], for example [memberonly label="business member"]. You can restrict content to more than 1 label by separating the labels with a comma, for example [memberonly label="membership committee,marketing committee"]. If your label or membership level name contains a comma, you should escape the comma, for example [memberonly label="label%2C1,label%2C2"].

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-1-9
Downloads: 789


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