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Magic Fields 2 Toolkit

Plugin adds some useful features to the Magic Fields 2 plugin.

fix error in macro definition

fix a bad uri.

corrected version number errors again.

corrected version number errors.

corrected errors in this readme.


  • show_custom_fields now can iterate over a list of posts making a table of data from multiple posts easy to do
  • macro shortcode now understands inline macros so you do not have to create a content macro post
  • macro conditionals can now have a #else# block
  • macros can now have default arguments
  • added psuedo field __post_title


  • ordering fields first by group index then by field name
  • excluding fields by class name, e.g. -alpha means exclude fields of class alpha
  • injecting the class name into field prefixes and suffixes using the html comment <!–$class–>
  • a psuedo parent field __parent so that the parent post can be referenced in a recursion
  • wildcarding the group name, e.g. _<,> is now valid
  • a special group member field mf2tk_key which will specify the group index as text and whose class is the group class
  • indexing groups by name instead of integers using the value of the mf2tk_key, e.g. alpha_beta<gamma,> instead of alpha_beta<1,>
  • classes for groups using the class of the mf2tk_key which can be used to include/exclude groups
  • group_before/group_after with replacement of html comments <!–$Group–>, <!–$class–>, <!–$group–>
  • changed search from using the multiple select html element to multiple select html checkboxes


  • Added new features: macros for post content, an alternative dropdown field, an alternative HTML5 compatible get_audio() function and utility functions.
  • Enhanced the shortcode feature with more parameters and the search feature with configurable parameters.


  • Minor correction to 0.3


  • Added a search widget for Magic Fields.
  • Added an alternative textbox field that allows you to select previously entered data.


  • Added an alternative related type field which uses multiple selection checkboxes instead of a single selection dropdown.
  • Enhanced shortcodes to make it easier to display a table of field names and their values.


  • Initial release with custom post copy and custom field shortcode features.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.1
Last Updated: 2013-11-19
Downloads: 1,416


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4 out of 5 stars


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