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liveTV Bundle

LiveTV Bundle for WordPress. Live stream plugin for wordpress compatible with own3d.tv, twitch.tv, justin.tv

  • Fix html-css issue.

  • change wp_schedule_event for wp_schedule_single_event and adding a replacement for twitch Api request on %20 matched and added accidentaly by a user.

  • Change src link for thumbnails from own3d for their new link. Don't forget, the page is under task scheduled. This update/fix is visible only after the next schedule.


  • Fixes cron schedule

  • clarification for the help title dialog and some text in administration.
  • New cron task to generate html is now correct (normally)
  • The selected value temporary off for cache is no longer compatible and disappears
  • Normally... the permalink for the widget builded by the cron task is now correct.
  • Some minor bugs fixes

  • Fixed the permalink on widget and passed this permalink argument to the scheduled task (to build correctly the cache for the widget).


  • Now the plugin has a task scheduled to generate html cache
  • The plugin serve one latest static html file to a last user before generating its cache when it's time to it.
  • All values are now builded under php and returned in a long string (end of some echo values under [shortcode]...)

  • General code improvement
  • php shortcode part with more clean code for wordpress specification
  • Cheating to debug own3d original chat (replacement option) without more code
  • Adding an option to disable live streams loop on requesting a normal/large view
  • Some files names changes (js file) for code improvement

  • Replace "echo value" (after the buffer) by "return value" (some other plugins - compatibility problem)

  • Minor bug fixes for Twitch chat height and title h3
  • Adding global for IRC plugin part. If the plugin is deactivated, now the IRC zone and the Share zone under each live stream is disable.


  • Adding basic validation with preg_match on user profil


  • Bug fixes for Twitch/Justin Api from a latest comma generated for Api


  • cleaning code - more comments
  • Fixes widget offline
  • css cleaning for front-end pagination buttons
  • Add a div to englobe all html from the live streams page (to stop all css bug from themes)


  • css fixes like one value in % (an oversight)


  • Added option to define limitation of thumbnails by page with the new option pagination.
  • Added option to define limitation by user to limit live stream update on its profil.
  • Leave option 3 columns and added 2 new options to define thumbnails width & height
  • Added pagination for frontend and profil
  • Fix bug for twitch from one unnecessary escaping
  • Code clarification for improve performance
  • Added an alert when user requesting on one offline live stream
  • Added "offline" also for own3d in urls
  • Now absolutly all request is prepared
  • escaping html and all urls with esc_url and esc_html from wp
  • More square thumbnail in the thumbnails list to adapt more easily to more themes


  • Clarification of options (in dashboard)
  • Fix wp_name on live stream for futur moderation
  • Fix bug counter where one empty live stream appears.


  • Decrease datas requests on externals like twitch/justin Api
  • Decrease request on wordpress database for thumbnails but plugin loose user: on thumbnail
  • Fix latest post substr-utf-8-characters-missing (now truncat word in place of substr character)
  • Delete unecessary doc in plugin folder
  • Delete unecessary img in plugin folder


  • Fix css for Firefox
  • Fix flash object for own3d with Firefox


  • Fix view button


  • Add Api extends with a dedicated folder that is automatically parsed by the plugin.
  • Now uninstallation event deletes all live streams from all users
  • Supports more sharing and more live streams
  • Delete option from profil was reviewed and more efficient
  • Thumbnails loop was reviewed and more efficient


  • Now option "change the order and display order" act also on each profil.
  • Add support of original chat from own3d, twitch, justin.
  • Add support of Ustream with shortcode.


  • Fix special roles compatibility with some themes/plugins.
  • Fix loop of thumbnails with option "wordpress default role".


  • Original review

Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-10-27
Downloads: 9,302


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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