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Lively Chat Support

The best FREE live chat support for your WP website (supports images) - forget the hosted chat services.


  • Fixed an issue where previously sent messages would trigger a "ding" on page load.


  • Removed whitespace appearing at the top of the chat on mobile devices.
  • Instructions update for SMS.
  • Removed extra slashes in Survey's "Thank You" field.
  • Lithuanian translation added.
  • Monthly plans added for addons ($6.99/month).


  • Just bumping stable tag (sorry about all the updates!).


  • Nearly useless update.


  • Mobile styling bug fix where chatbox title had white space above it.
  • Bug fixed where W3 Total Cache was not getting cleared.


  • Chatbox visibility - an easy way to show Lively on certain pages - no shortcode necessary!
  • Flushing caches when changes are made (supports W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache)
  • Deleting history in chatbox should keep the
  • Fixed a bug where quick, consecutive messages would fall through the cracks.
  • Caching support for Online/Offline/Hours features
  • Added Danish translation!


  • menu item shows for all users, so agents don't have to be admins to chat.
  • Slashes appearing in chatbox message (Don\'t)
  • Twilio sign up link fixed.
  • Help PDF added to the assets folder (Thanks Sharon!).
  • Profile hooks removed on lively-chat-support.php.
  • Updated SMS documentation.
  • Visitor conversations are now print friendly!
  • Remote HTTPS requests are allowed (some users were unable to connect to the Twilio API for SMS Addon)


  • Twilio credentials fixed.
  • FreeIP failures caught.


  • Translations added.
  • Curl requests now using WP HTTP.
  • Swapped left/right CSS for chatbox position.
  • Cleaned up agent interface.


  • Show LivelyChat only on certain pages.
  • New "Schedule" tab allows you to say who's online and when.
  • Push finish date if clicking on unread convo.
  • Green dot appears on a conversation when you receive a new message (no refresh necessary).
  • Message Template for convos (generate on the fly instead of clone)... causing issues with some other plugins.
  • jQuery scope more obvious and effective so there are not conflicts with your theme.
  • Header min-height reset to be compatible with your theme.


  • Fix strange DB multiple primary key error.


  • Fix logout button (somehow didn't update from 1.0.1).


  • Brought back the "Online via SMS" option for those that have purchased the SMS Addon.


  • We've Hit 1,000 Downloads!
  • Pre-Order the all new Multi Agent feature through the link in the top right of the plugin page (will be released October 15)
  • Schedule your online hours (with screenshot!)
  • Sort convos by date!
  • Fix chatbox text colour issue
  • Apostrophes for chatbox titles and messages
  • Visitor logout
  • Delete specific convo and delete all conversation history
  • Trim twilio credentials and activation code for SMS Addon (so that they work even with an extra space on the end or beginning)
  • Option to remove "Powered By Lively Chat" (but we'd prefer if you didn't ;])
  • Database tables are charsetted and collated to support unicode (utf8)


  • Caching support for triggers, surveys, and loading messages.
  • jQuery noConflict used to prevent JS issues.


  • Survey's addon released! Get specific information from your customers with the most unintrusive tool in town!


  • All chat registrations are emailed to the admin (set on the Settings page).
  • Prepping for Triggers addon.


  • Preparing plugin for Addons plus a few other bug fixes.


  • Fixed a problem with the offline form not submitting. Added an option on the settings page to change the email address the form response is sent to.

0.9.1, 0.9.2, 0.9.3, 0.9.4, 0.9.5

  • Working on the plugin screenshots


  • Lively Chat Support is released into the wild.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-3-27
Downloads: 9,636


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5 out of 5 stars


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