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Literate Programming

Introduce and explain source code, prototypes, pseudocodes, fragments, snippets. Easily demonstrate, presentate and explain algorithms and their ideas

How to define a fragment?

Use WP shortcodes for that: [fragment name="unique fragment name" /]. In normal cases, this should be placed within a parent fragment:

[fragment name="implemented parent fragment name"] 
[fragment name="define new fragment" /] 

How do I add implementations to fragments?

Just the the shortcode

[fragment name="define new fragment"]
//add implementation here

You can add implementations step by step by repeatedly using this fragment with the same name. The plugin does the rest.

Can I reference fragment names just within my text?

Yes. Just type [fragment name="your_fragment_name"/] into your WordPress editor.

Do I really need fragment_def?

Well, yes and no. Officially, nested shortcodes having the same name is not recommended/supported according to WordPress.org. But you use fragment instead of fragment_def - it worked on my system.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2012-9-25
Downloads: 454


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