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Listly: for bloggers, brands, publishers & journalists who want their readers to contribute

Plugin to easily integrate responsive List.ly lists / listicles in posts & pages on WordPress & beyond.

Plugin to easily integrate List.ly lists on WordPress. Add/edit lists, add items to lists and embed lists as responsive content using customizable shortcodes.

Listly lets you curate and crowdsource any list embedded in a blog post / page.

Listly empowers your audience to contribute to the list content on your blog. People can also embed other people's lists on their blog. Your lists are a source of content for others (just like Slides on Slideshare).

Use Listly to create useful resource lists (eg Top 10 WordPress plugins) or Listicle type list (eg 10 Tricks Every WordPress Developer Wish They Knew). Listly is also great for creating playlists of videos, slides, audio & images.

30% of blog posts on the web are in the form of lists, Listly just makes those posts social and collaborative.

Here's a video to explain the value of embedding Listly lists on your WordPress blog:

Think of Listly as Slideshare for lists. Put your lists on Listly them embed them on your blog. Listly is an responsive authoring platform for lists that can be seamlessly embedded in blog posts across the web.

Here's 5 simple ideas to begin using Listly on your WordPress blog.

  1. Track your guest posts on other blogs for easy resharing
  2. Create people lists of your team for a given blog or project.
  3. Create universal playlists of relevant slides, videos and podcasts to embed on your blog
  4. Create lists of related posts or resources to help your readers
  5. Manage your blog roll via Listly so anyone can / vote, re-use and extend your list.

We think of Lists as a type of data, just like you think of Slides, Videos or Podcasts. All these technologies have evolved in similar ways to be highly embeddable. They have also become highly trafficed search destination sites. See graphic on Slideshare


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Why Do we Love (and Hate) Lists?

Lists are an integral part of life and digital media. It's worth exploring why.

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Fun Examples of the Listicles You Could Create with Your Readers

  1. Top 10 Heart-Warming Moments in Welsh Rugby
  2. 10 Things To Do In Wales On a Rainy Bank Holiday Monday
  3. Top 8 Things To Do In Rhyl

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-28
Downloads: 10,600


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4.8 out of 5 stars


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