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Linkify Text

Automatically hyperlink words or phrases in your posts.

Does this plugin modify the post content in the database?

No. The plugin filters post content on-the-fly.

Will this work for posts I wrote prior to installing this plugin?

Yes, if they include terms that you have defined to be linkified.

What post fields get handled by this plugin?

By default, the plugin filters the post content, post excerpt fields, widget text, and optionally comments and comment excerpts. You can use the 'c2c_linkify_text_filters' filter to modify that behavior (see Filters section). There is a setting you can change to make text linkifications apply to comments as well.

Is the plugin case sensitive?

By default, yes. There is a setting you can change to make it case insensitive. Or if you are a coder, you can use the 'c2c_linkify_text_case_sensitive' filter (see Filters section).

What if the word or phrase is already linked in a post?

Already linked text will not get linked again by this plugin (regardless of what the link may be).

Will all instances of a given term be linked in a single post?

By default, yes. There is a setting you can change so that only the first occurrence of the term in the post gets linked. Or if you are a coder, you can use the 'c2c_linkify_text_replace_once' filter (see Filters section).

Is there an efficient way to link multiple terms to the same link without repeating the link in the settings field (which can be tedious and prone to errors)?

Yes. You can reference another term by specifying its link as another term in the list prepended with a colon (':'). For instance:

WP => http://wordpress.org,
WordPress => :WP
dotorg => :WP
.org => :WP

Given the above terms to link, all terms would link to 'http://wordpress.org'. The latter three all reference the link used for the term "WP".

NOTE: The referenced term must have an actual link defined and not be a reference to another term. (Basically, nested references are not currently supported.)

How can I get text linkification to apply for custom fields (or something not linkified by default)?

You can add to the list of filters that get text linkified using something like this (added to your theme's functions.php file, for instance):

// Enable text linkification for custom fields
add_filter( 'c2c_linkify_text_filters', 'more_text_replacements' );
function more_text_replacements( $filters ) {
    $filters[] = 'the_meta'; // Here you could put in the name of any filter you want
    return $filters;

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Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-1-4
Downloads: 4,069


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4 out of 5 stars


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