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Kush Micro News

Spread the news in shortest possible way. Use links to refer complete article and title to concise it.

Arbitrary section

In settings section you have multiple choices to opt, each of them serve a purpose which are :

  • Number of news to display -- This is the number of micro news which is going to be displayed on output. This can be manually given in function too : For eg - kush_micro_news_output(5);

  • Enable Colorful Borders -- This is used to enable and disable borders comes on the left side of each news.

  • Enable link hover effect -- This enable and disable hover effect comes over Refer Link.

  • Allow HTML parsing while adding news -- This enable and disable HTML parsing when you are going to add new news or update an old one. If the box is checked, then all html tags will be parsed as DOM. But if it is disabled then HTML tags will treat as HTML entities. Try not to use improper markup if HTML parsing is enabled otherwise it could break up your whole site. Note: Also avoid using heading tags in title, because it will overide my default heading tag and mess up markup.

Styling :

  • If you want to customize the look of this plugin, feel free to do so by editing CSS file present in "assets/css/style.css". For now you have to do it manually, later i will add GUI interface of customizing it.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-3-9
Downloads: 2,269


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