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Kalin's PDF Creation Station

Build highly customizable PDF documents from any combination of pages and posts, or add a link to any page to download a PDF of that post.


  • First version. Beta. Includes basic functionality for tool menu and settings menu including page order, title page, include images, font size, ajaxified interface, shortcodes, etc.


  • Added a create now button for someone who had trouble getting the jquery page-ordering popup to work.


*Moved some initialization functions into kalins_pdf_init() so that they are only run in the admin. *Added new security check to make sure the plugin pages are only being run from within wordpress. *Added 'default' option to page/post edit box so you aren't forced to make a permanent choice when saving a page/post. *Added checkbox at the bottom of settings page to turn off the plugin's deactivation routine. *changed default link placement to 'none' so that links are not added to pages/posts until the user authorizes it


*Changed all code to direct, and/or create the kalins-pdf folder inside the uploads directory instead of placing the PDF files in the plugin directory to squash the bug where files were deleted upon plugin upgrade.


*Fixed a PHP error thrown on the Menus page when in debug mode. Got rid of warnings for previous upgrade problem.


Added [post_permalink] shortcode. Also added "Use post slug for PDF filename" and "Show on home, category, tag and search pages" options on settings page. Changed the clunky character count to word count, which should now function more accurately.


Bug fix. I broke the PDF creation popup with v 1.0 and had to make an emergency fix.


removed testing alerts


*Added support for custom post types *moved the code identifying the default PDF directory and URL into a few constants at the top of kalins-pdf-creation-station.pdf, so that hackers can easily change them to whatever they want. Added example code that can be un-commented to change the PDF directory to use the base domain of your site instead of the wordpress uploads directory. *Fixed minor bug where 'reset defaults' on the settings page wasn't refreshing the 'post slug' and 'show on home' checkboxes *Added "create all" button on settings page *Added "automatically generate PDFs on publish and update" option on settings page *changed blockquote code so it uses the 'pre' tag because it was the only way to get TCPDF to actually display anything since it doesn't want to render blockquotes or tables properly *added post_excerpt code to use "wp_trim_excerpt", which doesn't appear to be functioning anymore -- then changed to manually extract 250 characters from the page content *added option to run other plugin shortcodes to both settings and tool pages *added option to convert embedded youtube videos into a link to that video *added 'format' parameter to all time shortcodes for total custom date/time formatting *added 'length' parameter to the post_excerpt shortcode to set character count of the excerpt


*Bug fix. This plugin no longer destroys all other admin help menus.


*Bug fix. PDFs now properly generate when using 'quick edit' on posts when 'auto generate' is turned on.


*upgraded TCPDF engine. This should improve image handling and also fixes the blockquotes issue, so blockquotes no longer need to use a monospaced font *added option to automatically construct a Table of Contents page in the creator tool *added post_meta shortcode for post's custom fields *added option on Tool page to turn off automatic page breaks between posts *added ability for hackers to translate/change the word 'page' to whatever they want *added option to run other plugin content filters *added post category(s) shortcode *added post tags shortcode *added option to convert Vimeo videos (both object and iframe style embeds) *added Ted Talk video link conversion option *YouTube link conversion now works for iframe style embeds as well as objects *added ability for hackers to change the order of the post list on the tool page *added post comments shortcode. Includes easy way for PHP coders to fully customize the display *added post parent shortcode *added post thumbnail shortcode


*Fixed 'create PDF' popup in Firefox *Changed default font to Times and default size to 12, which improves overall look/feel of documents


*Upgraded TCPDF engine to 6.0.061. PDF compiling should be faster and more reliable now. We may get other bonuses with this upgrade as well. *Added new options for post author so you are no longer stuck with just the login name *Expanded functionality for post thumbnail shortcode

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-2-26
Downloads: 18,443


4 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars


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