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Just Writing

Adds buttons and features to the Distraction Free Writing Mode for all kinds of extra functions.

What browsers are supported?

Try it and find out, the JavaScript is pretty basic so it should work in just about any browser. I've successfully run it on:

* IE 11
* Opera 12.16
* FireFox 24/25
* Chrome 31

I can't find the Just Writing options, where are they?

For standard users (aka non-admin users), they can go to their WordPress settings page and select "Profile", scroll down to the bottom and your see the Just Writing section.

For admin users it can be found under "Users"->"Your Profile".

I've disabled the fade effect and now the browser is running slowly, what's wrong?

The fade effect is triggered by WordPress when no mouse movement is executed for 2 seconds, the only (without changing some of the WordPress sources files at least) way to disable it is to execute a mousemove event every 1.5 seconds. This shouldn't be an issue in any modern browser, but if your having performance issues, simply re-enable the fade effect.

I've disabled the fade effect but there is a 'flicker' when DFWM comes up, what's wrong?

If you start DFWM without moving the mouse you might hit right between when WordPress starts fading but before Just Writing fires off a mousemove event, this shouldn't be an issue after the first start of DFWM.

I've added the spellcheck button to my toolbar but it doesn't do anything when I click it

As of WordPress 3.6, the spellchecker is no longer part of the core WordPress install, you need to add a plugin to get the functionality back. I'd suggest TinyMCE SpellChecker as a good option.

The "Paste as Word" button doesn't show up in WordPress 3.9, why not?

WordPress 3.9 removed the "Paste as Word" button as the functionality is built in to TinyMCE now. Just paste your word content in to the visual editor and the formatting will be maintained.

Requires: 3.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-28
Downloads: 3,942


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