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jQuery Categories List Widget

A simple jQuery widget (can be called from posts) for displaying categories in a list with some effects.


  • Solved bug of links not working when using shortcodes
  • Solved bug when a post doesn't have multiple categories


  • Solved expansion/contraction bug when using sub-categories.
  • Added support for HTTPS, now the plugin generates the correct link if HTTPS is being used, thanks to bridgetwes for the patch.
  • Added ordering by category's slug.


  • Fixed the problem of a warning message being shown when a post had a single category.
  • Added a CSS class to li elements with child categories.
  • Improved category HTML generation code to make future modifications easier.


  • Fixed category's post count when excluding some categories, now it uses the same algorithm as the standard WP widget.
  • Finally the list expands to the opened/click category! It remembers where you clicked! Just select the expand option to 'Clicked Category'.
  • Wrapped post count (if activated) inside a span to apply CSS rules.
  • Added a active class for current category.
  • Fixed some spanish translations.
  • Plugin translated to Russian by Матвеев Валерий.


  • Added option to exclude categories when using shortcodes, just add categorie's ID separated by commas in the exclude attribute.
  • Solved bug of not including JS file when using a filter without any widget.
  • Solved bug of not including JS in some WP installlations under Windows.


  • Huge update thanks to donations! If you upgrade to this version you'll NEED to configurate the widget AGAIN, due to architecture rewriting configuration may get lost.
  • Added support for multiples instances, finally you can have as many widgets as you want without any hack :)
  • Added support for dynamic widgets
  • Added an option to not have any effect when expanding or collapsing.
  • Added an option to select if you want the symbol on the left or on the right.
  • Added an option to autoexpand all categories by default.
  • Removed dynamic generation of the JS file, now you don't need write permissions on the folder.
  • Rewroted JS code, now it is a single JS file for all instances, improved perfomance and compatible with all cache plugins.
  • Updated translation files for Spanish, Czech, Slovak and Italian.


  • Fixed some several bugs, thanks to Marco Lizza who reviewed the code and fixed them. Plugin should be more stable and won't throw errors when display_errors is on.
  • Added italian translation.


  • Added option to show or hide empty categories.
  • Improved shortcode, now parameters accepts yes, no, 1, or 0 as input.


  • Improved Javascript code (please save again the configuration to take effect)
  • Better shortcode/filter support. now it has attributes for different behavior on instances. (There's no support for effect and symbol because it is managed through the JS filse )


  • Fixing i18n bug due to new wordpress changes, now it loads your language (if it was translated) correctly.


  • JS code is not generated dynamically, now it is generated in a separated file. For better performance and to support any minify plugins.


  • Improved generated HTML code to be more compatible when JS is off, also helps to search engines to navigate through archives pages.
  • Added Slovak translation.
  • Cleaned code and make it more readable for future hacks from developers.


  • Changed plugin's JS file loading to the footer, so it doesn't affect your site's loading speed.
  • Added default value for widget's title. And it is included in translation files, so this can be used in multi-language sites.
  • Plugin translated to Czech (CZ) thanks to Tomas Valenta.


  • Solving sorting bug, now you can choose the categories display order.


  • Added support for multiples instances (by writing [jQuery Categories List] on any Text widget).
  • Fixed a bug when no categories were selected to be filtered.
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.x.


  • Added support to exclude categories when listing.


  • Initial public version.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-1-11
Downloads: 33,392


4 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars


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