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JP's Get RSS Feed

Get last X number of posts from a selected RSS feed. Default is last 5 items. Includes shortcode for listing feed items on posts or pages.

Notice: Version 1.3.1 introduced admin menus for plugin settings. There is also a new way to pass parameters to the shortcode and PHP function. You should check all shortcodes and plugin function calls before and after upgrading, to confirm compatibility with this version.


  • Show RSS feed items on any post or page, in your sidebar or footer, or anywhere else using conditional tags in your PHP code
  • Open links in a new window (optional)
  • Include item description next to each article link
  • Post title link is optional. Show feed links as plain text or hyperlink to article
  • Show Featured Image (AKA "post thumbnails") from local RSS feeds, or display feed logo for remote feeds
  • Customize feed cache lifetime (default minimum 43200 seconds / 12 hours)

This plugin uses WordPress' ability to return feeds, to get the last X number of items from any RSS feed. Display the last few items from any RSS feed of your choice. For example, your Twitter feed, or another blog or forum that outputs a RSS feed. Any RSS feed can be grabbed. Call it in your footer to list your last few tweets, or your sidebar to showcase content from another one of your blogs.

Uses fetch_feed, which was introduced in WordPress 2.8. Works and tested in WordPress 3.5 and above. By default, feeds are cached for 12 hours. You can choose a shorter (or longer) cache time.

Feed items are wrapped in a div tag, with class "jpgetrssfeed" so you can style the output in your CSS file. The items list is surrounded by <ul></ul> tags, with each feed item listed in a <li></li> tag. However, you can specify a new CSS class to style output differently for different feeds.

You can output the feed item description along with each feed item link.

A button is added to the post editor toolbar so you can insert the shortcode in your posts or pages.

With help from: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/fetch_feed


To display a feed on any post or page, use this shortcode:


Make sure you go to the plugin settings page after installing to set options.

If you use and enjoy this plugin, please rate it and click the "Works" button below so others know that it works with the latest version of WordPress.

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Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-15
Downloads: 25,710


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4.7 out of 5 stars


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