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jonradio Multiple Themes

Select different Themes for one or more, or all WordPress Pages, Posts or other non-Admin pages. Or Site Home.

Allows the Administrator to specify which Theme will be used on specific Pages, Posts, other non-Admin pages (such as Category or Archive pages) or Site Home. A Prefix feature allows a Theme to be selected based on the initial characters of its URL ("Prefix URL"), an Asterisk ("*") can be used to match all subdirectories at a specific level in the directory/folder hierarchy, and a Query Keyword feature allows a Theme to be selected whenever a specified ?keyword= or &keyword= is found in the URL. A Theme can also be specified for All Pages, All Posts or Everywhere. In turn, even when a Theme is specified for All Pages, All Posts or Everywhere, a different Theme can still be specified for specific Pages or Posts.

Think what you could do if you could easily use more than one Theme on your WordPress web site or blog:

  • Divide your site into Sections, each with its own unique look
  • Style individual Pages, Posts, or other elements (Site Home, Category main page, Archive main page) with a different Theme
  • Select a unique Theme for all Pages, Posts, Attachments, Category pages or Archive pages
  • Make slight variations to a Theme, using Child Themes, for one or more Pages, Posts or other elements (Site Home, Category main page, Archive main page)
  • Supports Multiple Stylesheets for Accessibility and other purposes (create one Child Theme for each Stylesheet)
  • Test a new Theme on one or more Pages or Posts
  • Convert to a new Theme a Page or Post at a time
  • Host multiple mini-web sites on your WordPress site, each with a different Theme
  • When a larger version of an image attachment is displayed, for example, when clicking on a gallery image thumbnail, use a different theme to display it, for one or all images attached to a Page or Post

Use with Paid Themes: Some Paid Themes do not work with this plugin. See the FAQ tab for more information and alternatives.

Use with other Plugins: BuddyPress, Polylang and Theme Test Drive plugins must all be Deactivated when jonradio Multiple Themes is Activated

Changing Theme Options (Widgets, Sidebars, Menus, Templates, Background, Header, etc.)?: See the FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions) tab for important information on changing Options on Themes other than the Current Theme.

To select all Pages, Posts, Archives, Categories, etc. that begin with the same partial URL, a "Prefix URL" can be specified by selecting the Prefix checkbox when creating an entry on the Settings page for the jonradio Multiple Themes plugin. Restriction: the Prefix URL cannot contain all or part of a Query, which is the portion of a URL that begins with a question mark ("?"). Although the Prefix cannot contain a Query, URLs containing a Query will be matched by the Prefix.

To select any URL on the site that contains a specified Query Keyword ("?keyword=" or "&keyword=") or Query Keyword=Value combination ("?keyword=value" or "&keyword=value"), a "Query Keyword" entry can be created. A Sticky option can be set to make all subsequent non-Admin pages viewed by the same Visitor display using the same Theme, but it does require the Visitor's browser to accept Cookies.

Normally, if a Theme is not specified for a Page, Post, Site Home or other WordPress-displayed web page, such as Category or Archive display, the Current Theme specified in Appearance-Themes on the Admin panels will be used. The plugin has an Advanced Setting "Select Theme for Everything" that can be used to define a default Theme for the plugin to use instead of the WordPress Current Theme. This is useful for a Theme that has many frequently-used options that are much easier to access when it is the WordPress Current Theme, but there is another Theme to be used everywhere except for a few select Pages or Posts.

When selecting a Theme for Site Home or all or specific Pages, Posts or other non-Admin pages, the Theme must be shown in the list of Available Themes on the Appearance-Themes Admin panel. If necessary, install the Theme. In a WordPress Network (AKA Multisite), Themes must be Network Enabled before they will appear as Available Themes on individual sites' Appearance-Themes panel.

I hesitate to use the term Theme Switcher to describe this plugin, because the term has so many meanings. The jonradio Multiple Themes plugin does not alter the standard WordPress options that define what Theme is used on your WordPress site. Instead, it dynamically (and selectively) overrides that choice. Technical details aside, what this means is that deactivating or deleting the jonradio Multiple Themes plugin will instantly revert to the WordPress Current Theme that you have defined through the standard WordPress Appearance-Themes Admin panel.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-5
Downloads: 48,242


4 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars


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