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Jellyfish Counter Widget

A rotating odometer style counter widget that can display either a static value or animate to a predefined total. Great for tracking any totals, not j


Add a counter widget to your sidebar and adjust the settings to suit your requirements.

There are three basic modes of operation:

  • Static - If you want the counter to simply display a non animate number just set a Start Value to the desired number for the counter and set the Counter Type to 'static'

  • Animated – If you supply both start value and end value in the widget, the counter will increment upwards or downwards depending on the chosen Counter Type until it reaches the end value. Speed of the count is controlled by the Animation Speed option. Note, this counter has no memory, it will reset when a page is reloaded or changed but it is great for a visual effect where start and end values are very close together.

  • Continuous – If you want to count over a long period of time and need your counter to continue to count irrespective of page loads then just select the continuous option in the widget. Then choose the interval between the counter increments, in seconds. As soon as you save the widget the counter will "start" and will continue to tick away even if nobody is viewing your blog. Changing the setting on an active continuous counter will not effect the count value and it will keep count, if you wish to reset an active continuous counter just change the start value and save the widget and the counter will restart from the new starting value. Note: In continuous mode, animation speed and display tenths have no effect.

The counter is very configurable through the widget panel. You can define the digit height, width and font as well as animation speed (animated mode only) and "bustedness" (misalignment of the digits). Additionally, through "Digit Style" setting you can specify a font, font style, colour, background or any other CSS display properties for the digits. Note: you cannot adjust the size of the font here as is automatically calculated from the height / width and padding settings.

Need a flat looking counter? "Disable 3D effect" removes the CSS shading effect.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2013-12-28
Downloads: 9,578


4 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars


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