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Janrain Capture

Social User Registration and Profile Storage with Janrain Capture

Install through the Administration Panel or extract plugin archive in your plugin directory.

Once installed, visit the Janrain Capture menu item in the Administration Panel to enter your Janrain Capture configuration details. At a minimum, you will need to enter an Application Domain, API Client ID, and API Client Secret.

To insert Capture links in posts or pages you can use the shortcode: [janrain_capture]

By default, [janrain_capture] will result in a link with the text "Sign in / Register" that will launch a modal window pointing to your Capture signin screen. You can customize the text, action, and starting width/height of the modal window by passing in additional attributes. The following is an example of a link to the legacy_register screen with a height of 800px and a width of 600px:

[janrain_capture text="Register" action="legacy_register" width="600" height="800"]

You can prevent the construction of the link and simply return the URL to the screen by adding the attribute href_only="true" to the shortcode.

To insert links in your theme templates you can use the do_shortcode WordPress function.

As of version 0.0.4 this plugin now supports Engage Social Sharing via the Engage app configured for Capture. To use this feature, ensure 'Enable Social Sharing' is checked in the UI Options administration page and use the [janrain_share] shortcode. If the $post object is available the title, description, URL, and the most recent attached image URL will automatically be determined for sharing. These variables, as well as the button text, can be overridden with the following shortcode attributes:

  • title
  • description
  • url
  • img
  • text

Example: [janrain_share title="Janrain Engage Share Widget" description="Instructions for how to configure the Janrain Engage Share Widget" url="wordpress.org/extend/plugins/janrain-capture/" text="Tell a friend"]

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.7.1
Last Updated: 2014-2-28
Downloads: 3,125


4 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars


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