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Jabze Chat - Intranet IM for Colleagues

Jabze Chat adds mobile-friendly Instant Messaging (IM) to WordPress-powered web sites for organizations/communities (intranet sites).

Jabze Chat adds a simple instant messaging system for your WordPress powered intranet sites. Users will easily see the online status from each other, and communicate with each other instantly via non-intrusive pop-up windows that appear on every page automatically. The widget works with the WordPress user accounts, no separate account management is needed.

For frequent users who need to stay in touch all the time, we also offer separate desktop, iPhone/iPad and Android apps. They all work seamlessly together.

For Intranet Users

The Jabze messaging solution is designed specifically for collaboration among colleagues in an organization. You will find it to be the ideal instant collaboration solution for your organization if you are using WordPress to power your intranet. The Jabze Chat window needs no installation for your users, and will pop up on the lower right corner on an as needed basis. All the colleagues will be there, there is no need to "add buddies" or otherwise manage your individual "buddy list".

For Web Site Operators

The Jabze Chat service is NOT designed for your web site visitors to contact your support team. Instead, it is designed to facilitate your content authors, reviewers, and managers to work together to manage/maintain the site effectively. Your web site is essentially an "intranet" for these types of users, who need to work together effectively. When these users are signed into your WordPress site, they are automatically connected to each other, and can seamlessly exchange messages with each other instantly.

Peace of Mind

This Jabze Chat plug-in was developed and tested with great care to ensure a flawless integration with your WordPress site. We used a minimal number of hooks that are necessary to support a seamless installation and user experience.

This plug-in connects via a secure connection to our Jabze Chat platform in the cloud. All your information stays encrypted end-to-end at all times.

We rely on the WordPress framework to authenticate users. The plug-in doesn't copy or even access the WordPress user password. Passwords stay where they belong, in the secure WP user database.

Plugin Activation

Please follow the simple activation instructions on the Jabze Chat plug-in settings page. The plug-in can (if permitted) synchronize all your WP users to our secure cloud platform immediately after successful configuration. WP users will have instant access to the service and client after the plug-in was activated.

Service Cost: FREE

To use this plug-in, you will need an account with the Jabze service (created automatically when you active the plug-in). The basic service level is FREE, and can serve up to 100 users.

Go Mobile, Stay Connected

Built into the user experience are seamless transitions to use our full featured web application, or our mobile applications. To further extend the reach of the messaging platform. With those, you can stay in touch with your colleagues from a separate web application without being in the WordPress site. Or you can take our iPhone/Android app with you when you are out of the office.

Major features

  • Secure compliant IM/Chat service
  • Automatically embedded JavaScript IM client on every page (for registered users).
  • Single-sign on with your WP account
  • Presence status and two-way chat capability in an unobtrusive intuitive user interface
  • No software to install for your users.
  • No short-code to remember or configure.

Advanced Features in the Web/Mobile Apps

  • Group chat
  • File upload, and preview
  • Mobile alerts
  • Audio and video conferencing (Beta)
  • Email integration (auto-generate incoming messages)

Support & Feedback

For support issues and general inquiries please visit our support site: http://support.jabze.com Interested in other business IM & Chat solutions? Visit us at http://www.jabze.com/

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-6-16
Downloads: 4,101


4 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars


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