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IvyCat AJAX Image Slider

Simple image slider that uses AJAX to load and switch images.



Here's the gist: you create a slider group; add slides and assign them to the group and give them an order; then use simple shortcodes to embed a slider in a page or post.

Create a Slider Group

To create a slider group, go to Sliders/Slider Groups and add a new group category.

For example, if you wanted to have a specific slider that is shown an About Us page, you might create a group called About Us so you can easily identify it in the future.

Add Slides

Adding slides is as easy as:

  1. Go to Sliders / New Slider - this will allow you to create a single slide that will appear in a slider category.
  2. Give your slide a title.
  3. If you wish to show text (or render HTML) in the body of the slider, you can put your text or markup in the main body of the slide post.
  4. Give this slide an order in its group. If you want it to show first in your About Us slider, set Order to 1 under Slider Data.
  5. Assign the slide to a group. If you haven't already created a group, click on the Add New Category link in the Slider Groups box and add one.
  6. Upload your slider image using the WordPress Media Uploader, if it hasn't already been uploaded.
  7. Set the Featured Image for each slide to display your desired slider image.

Note: You can embed an image in step 3 above, but this isn't the intended way to add your slider images. The better way is to set the featured image for each slide.

Embed a slider in a page or post using shortcodes:

  • Adds a slider, but only if there is a slider post tagged with a group 'home-slider'. Defaults to three slides of medium size. (as defined by Media Settings in WordPress Dashboard)
[ic_do_slider group='my-created-group']
  • Adds slides from a custom group. Defaults to 3 slides of medium size
[ic_do_slider quantity='5']
  • changes default quantity to 5. (group is required if you don't have a home-slider group created)
[ic_do_slider thumb_size='size']
  • Where size is thumbnail, medium, large, full or a string in the format w,h (width,height) - see get_the_post_thumbnail() in the WP Codex for more information.

Note: You can combine options in your shortcode like so:

[ic_do_slider quantity='3' thumb_size='thumbnail' group='about-us']
  • Adds slides from a custom group. Defaults to 3 slides of medium size.

Embed a slider directly in your theme template

You can drop the following WordPress function in your template, replacing the [shortcode] part with your, custom shortcode.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[shortcode]"); ?>

In the About Us example above, you'd use:

<?php echo do_shortcode("[ic_do_slider quantity='3' thumb_size='thumbnail' group='about-us']"); ?>

Road Map

  1. Suggest a feature...

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2013-1-2
Downloads: 14,820


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