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iTunes Lookup Widget

Embeds an iTunes Widget to display any kind of store items (software, albums, artists etc).

* added PHG affiliate network, as LinkShare and DGM - according to Apple - will be discontinued at end September 2013
* minor code changes
16th August 2013

* added option to explicitly omit an album/software/ebook etc by id
* added id's to li elements 7th July 2013

* bugfix when including/excluding podcasts and software (results were reversed, i.e. when excluded they got included and vice versa)

* enabled the option to open links in new window
* reasonably extensive re-write to make future updates easier
* moving many functions and default options into include files
* minimal change to frontend css
* streamlining and combining of some functions and removing redundant ones
* php notice messages eradicated when saving/updating shortcodes in page
15th March 2013

* updated curl pem certificate to newer version

* the widget did not work with other mootools (and possibly other frameworks). this should be fixed now.
* changed loader gif so it works better on different coloured backgrounds
* some other minor changes

* added ability to keep css changes when updating to future versions (see installation for instructions)
* slightly changed the search of artist/publisher etc. id's in backend.
* added display of tv episodes/seasons.
For example, you can now also search by song title and (hopefully) find the artist's id that way, or you could search for a TV Season and display all episodes of that season in the widget.
* some bugfixes - 3rd January 2013

* now also displaying collections/albums as albums even when iTunes API only returns them as wrappertype: track - 27th December 2012

* enable nested shortcodes (please re-save any pages that use the shortcode of this plugin) - 30th October 2012

* minor update- just sending the ajax iTunes API call straight to https instead of following redirection from http - 23th October 2012

* apple in their infinite wisdom decided to only allow/redirect to SSL connections when quering the itunes API. so now we do that then....... - 23th October 2012

* some more php notice/warning messages eradicated - 10th October 2012

* get rid of some php notice/warning messages and screenshot update - 5th October 2012

* minor maintenance, bug fixes - 5th October 2012

*iTunes API treats (CD) singles as tracks/songs (as opposed to collections with a trackcount of 1).
The widget will now also find items for an artist when there are only singles - check readme for "Exclude Singles from Collection" in widgets about some caveats - 4th October 2012

* added shortcode handler, enabled use of non-english characters in labels, stopped some functions executing when not needed plus some other cosmetic changes and maintenance - 3rd October 2012

* a theme may not necessarily output an element with the required id around the widget (which is needed to render the widget in the right place). This update addresses this problem - 19th September 2012

* same bug fix as in 0.2.1, when adding first widget - 18th September 2012

* update some plugin options and delete redundand ones when updating from older versions and updating screenshots - 18th September 2012

* fixed a bug that did not let you search for artist id in widget admin before widget had been saved - 17th September 2012

* bugfixes and additional frontend display options - 17th September 2012

* Initial release - 16th September 2012

Requires: PHP 5.2 with cUrl, WP 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-9-30
Downloads: 4,709


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