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IP Blacklist Cloud

Blacklist IP Addresses from visiting your WordPress website and Usernames from spamming. View details of all failed login attempts.


  • Fixed minor PHP Errors
  • Fixed auto blacklist if "spam" link is clicked for single comment.
  • Protected with IP Blacklist Cloud will be displayed with comment form (no more ON / OFF settings).


  • Automatically Blacklist mulitple IP addresses for spam comments (mark as spam from dropdown)
  • Fixed PHP and Database Errors.
  • Run fix on database for avoiding slow queries.
  • Faster Spam Calculator (cURL is required).


  • Fixed Security Exploit in plugin.


  • Fixes for small bugs.
  • Add a range of IP address for whitelist.
  • Auto Block any IP for specific user login (set list of usernames).
  • Check blacklisted IP addresses that did not attack in last 90 days.


  • Quick Fix for 406 error while connecting to ip-finder.me


  • Sub-menu added to fix tables (create indexes). NEW - IMPORTANT!
  • Blacklist IP now shows last attack (attack after blocking).
  • Sends Failed Login attempts details of last 5 attempts in email.
  • Blacklist IP page now shows 50 IP addresses per page.
  • Failed Login page now shows 50 IP addresses per page.


  • Sub-menu added to fix tables (create indexes). IMPORTANT!


  • Changed site_url() to get_bloginfo('url') for AJAX call. site_url() was having problem for those who set WordPress URL and Website URL different.



  • Shows details of Failed login attempts for single IP if attempts are less than or equals to 3. For 4 or above attempts, view details on each IP on separate page.
  • Check / Uncheck All failed login attempts and blacklist multiple IPs with one click.
  • Whitelist menu added for those who blacklist themselves by mistake.


  • Fixed "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...." error.


  • Throws 404 Response to blacklisted IP addresses.
  • Search option added for blacklisted IP addresses.
  • Delete Multiple blacklisted IP addresses by check/uncheck all option.
  • EXTRA SECURITY menu added.


  • Settings to allow "Sort by IP status" in failed login page. By setting it to yes, you can sort Failed Login by IP Status (Neutral/Blacklisted).


  • Fixes for "Details Page" of failed login IP.


  • Failed login table shows each IP one time with number of attempts. Details of each IP are also available on single click.
  • Settings added for auto blacklisting IP for "x" number of failed attempts within given "y" time.
  • Receive email (optional) on auto blacklisting IP based on failed login attempts.


  • Added "Failed Logins" sub-menu which shows details of IP, user agent and POST query variables.
  • Shows counter while importing CSV (Updating Database... x of xx).
  • Fixed Tables of Blacklisted IP addresses and Usernames.
  • Removed annoying "Rate IP Blacklist" message.


  • Reduced server connection time.
  • Disabled auto submission of Comments for spam check. You must "Calculate" it manually from now.


  • Cloud Account (Premium) function has been disabled due to problems in connecting with our server.
  • Import / Export option added in Settings page.
  • Ajax blacklist function for IP and Username added on Comments page. Page will not refresh anymore.
  • Sorting option added on IP Blacklist and Username Blacklist page. You can now check Blacklisted IP or Usernames visits after they are blocked.
  • Fixed Auto posting of comments to our server for spam check.


  • Fixed Cloud Account functions for directory based WordPress websites.


  • Fixed "Delete IP" function on IP Blacklist page.
  • Blacklist Usernames to avoid spamming from same user on your website.
  • Visit counter for both IP and Usernames has been added on their respective menu pages.
  • PREMIUM SERVICE option has been added on settings pages of IP Blacklist plugin. (See details at: http://ip-finder.me/cloudaccount/ )


  • Spam Checker bugs fixed for posting comments to IP Blacklist Cloud.
  • Auto submit comment to IP Blacklist Cloud when visitor post any comment to your website (You can turn off this feature).


  • Blacklist statistics page added in Admin Panel.


  • Fixed Blacklist option on "Comments" Page for non-subdomain WordPress websites.



  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-1-22
Downloads: 19,485


3 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars


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