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InboundWriter enables writers, bloggers, and marketers to easily create and improve online content for increased reach, engagement and conversions.

What is different about InboundWriter?

InboundWriter is specifically built for writers, editors and marketers for the purpose of building more relevant and engaging content, while fitting easily into their workflow.

How does InboundWriter make my content more compelling and relevant?

While you may be a subject matter expert on what you are writing about, it's always difficult to gauge what the current buzz is about or to understand the subtle needs for additional content within a subject area. InboundWriter looks out to the Internet in real-time and can help you harness the wisdom of the search and social networking crowds to better craft your messaging to what readers really want and need.

Is InboundWriter just another SEO tool?

InboundWriter assesses your content against SEO best practices and provides specific recommendations to give you a strong base on which to build. It supplements SEO by ensuring your content has the keywords that currently are being used on the Internet in your area of interest. InboundWriter takes the search engine crawlers point of view and highlights the opportunities missed by users of traditional keyword research tools - it's a secret weapon. Best practises are implemented through a more complete set of online content strategies. InboundWriter does not attempt to engage in page and site level technical SEO recommendations, it complements SEO solutions and focuses like a laser on your content, the words you use and the proper structure.

How can InboundWriter help me make more money through Google AdSense?

One of the factors which InboundWriter will assess is the "Cost Per Click" pricing for each relevant term we analyze. If you use terms which have a higher CPC your potential payout will also be higher. Assuming that you've written engaging content and optimized for terms which have a higher potential payout you should increase your chances of getting better payouts from Google.

How do I get a registration key?

InboundWriter has free and paid service levels. After installation administrators will be directed to a registration process which will generate a key which should be pasted into the settings for InboundWriter in the WordPress control panel under the settings tab.

Requires: 3.0.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.0
Last Updated: 2012-12-19
Downloads: 21,783


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