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Image Sharer: Use Your Blog Photos To Increase Social Shares - SumoMe

The free and easy way to increase your social shares by making it easy to share your blog images on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Did you know that social shares with images get 39% more engagement on Facebook and fully double the engagement on Twitter?

Since social media shares with images are so overwhelmingly powerful, we built this free social plugin to make it easy for your blog readers to share images from your blog posts.

After you install the Image Sharer plugin (it takes about 30 seconds), all photos on your website will automatically get professionally overlayed social sharing icons for Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

When your readers share your blog posts with these new buttons, each post will include the normal link to your website plus a beautiful image - driving even more clicks than normal.


  • Increase social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Increase clicks and engagement on social media
  • Asynchronous load timing helps your website load quickly
  • Quickly integrate with any WordPress theme
  • Plays nice with social media plugins like Digg Digg
  • Images have higher engagement on social networks
  • Include your Twitter username in tweeted images
  • Share count shows how often people share your images
  • Install image sharing in literally seconds
  • All image shares include links back to your post

Why You Should Use Image Sharer

As a blogger, your focus should be on writing amazing posts - not trying to get attention for the posts you wrote last week. Image Sharer gives you time to keep doing what you love by leveraging the traffic you already have.

Normally, readers come to your site, read your article, and leave - disappearing into the ether of the internet.

With Image Sharer, at least some of those hit-and-run readers stick around and share your article on social media.

Even better, the share your blog post with a beatiful image attached - increasing clicks back to your website!

Image sharing for Pinterest

You've probably noticed how quickly Pinterest has been growing over the last year. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, where your thousands of other blogs are already noisily competing for attention, Pinterest offers a largely uncontested opportunity to reach new potential users that most bloggers haven't even noticed yet. Since Pinterest is image-based, using Image Sharer to help your blog readers share their favorite photos is a perfect opportunity for authentic marketing on Pinterest.

Image sharing for Facebook

As mentioned earlier, Facebook posts with images get fully 39% more engagement than normal, so while there are a lot of blogs clamoring for attention the images attached to your reader's social shares will help your blog stand out from the crowd.

Image sharing for Twitter

On Twitter, tweets with images actually double the engagement of normal tweets. I've seen this personally on some of my articles, and it's really fun to see your engagement double seemingly overnight. Images are so powerful in Twitter's social sphere, that one image tweet is worth two ordinary tweets.

Easy image sharing for all three social networks

Image Sharer gives your readers easy social media buttons for all images on your website, dramatically increasing the power of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest shares. Most importantly, though, it gives you back time to focus on your writing. You can install the complete plugin with share buttons for all three major social networks in about 30 seconds.

Then you can watch your traffic grow thanks to image sharing on social media.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.8.3
Last Updated: 2014-6-6
Downloads: 402


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