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HumanCaptcha by Outerbridge

HumanCaptcha is plugin written by Outerbridge which uses questions that require human logic to answer them and which machines cannot easily answer.

HumanCaptcha add questions that require human logic to answer them (and which machines cannot easily answer) to WordPress' login form, comments form and registration form.

Looking for more options? Look no further than Human Contact and Captcha. It comes with all the goodness of our HumanCaptcha plugin, plus the following extras:

  1. Use HumanCaptcha on lost password form (not just login, registration and comments)
  2. Contact form included, incorporating HumanCaptcha verification
  3. Includes visual shortcode for contact form
  4. The ability to import your own questions and answers from a CSV file, for use wherever HumanCaptcha applies
  5. Re-written and re-coded admin section, it easily upgrades without losing your existing questions and answers

Human Contact and Captcha is only available at CodeCanyon.

** Captchas **

Most captchas are based on the requirement to reproduce a number of randomly-generated characters (which are sometimes blurred, jiggled and/or on a fuzzy background). HumanCaptcha generates a simple question which the user must answer using logical thought. HumanCaptcha is much more accessible than standard captchas, which many people find difficult to read or understand. Visually impaired people are more likely to be able to use HumanCaptcha than a character-based one.

CAPTCHAs are useful for improving security in a number of situations, for example:

  1. Reducing Comment Spam in Blogs Most bloggers will have come across programs that submit spam comments, often with the aim of improving the search engine ranking of a website. By using a CAPTCHA, only humans can enter comments on your blog, and people do not need to sign up before they enter a comment.

  2. Protecting Email Addresses From Scrapers Spammers crawl the web looking for e-mail addresses rendered in text. CAPTCHAs can hide your e-mail address from web scrapers, by requiring users to solve a CAPTCHA before revealing your e-mail.

  3. Deterring Viruses, Worms and Spam CAPTCHAs may reduce the likelihood of e-mailed viruses, worms and spam, by only accepting an e-mail if it has been established that there is a human behind the sending computer.


Many thanks to TH90 of MPW D&D for the Persian translation files (fa_IR) Language: Persian, Country: Iran.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-8-6
Downloads: 3,351


4 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars


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