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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


Gwolle-GB is the WordPress guestbook you've just been looking for. Beautiful and easy.

Looking for a guestbook that just fits my needs, I found myself lost in a WordPress plugin database full of plugins which just pretend to be a guestbook, like the guestbook builder does. But it is not more than just a page with a comment form. That wasn't what I was looking for, so I came up with developing my own plugin for WordPress. It works quite good actually, and I'm looking forward to integrate some other cool features, but for the moment you have:

  • Simple and clean interface that integrates seamlessly into /wp-admin.
  • Easy import of DMSGuestbook entries into Gwolle-GB.
  • Notification by mail when a new entry has been posted.
  • Moderation, so that you have to check an entry before it is visible in your guestbook (can be turned off).
  • Recaptcha integration. (Fighting spam!)
  • Akismet integration (Fighting spam, too!)
  • Localisation (currently english, german, french, spanish, polish and dutch). Own languages can be added very easily, check WP documentation on this. If you translated the plugin I'd be glad to include your language in a future release, so please send them to my via mail, thanks!
  • different-styled admin entries, so that the visitor can tell which entry is written by the 'real admin'
  • a log for each entry, so that you know which member of the staff released and edited an article to the public and when.
  • IP-address- and host-logging with link to WHOIS query site
  • Smiley integration (uses the WordPress smiley engine)
  • Easy uninstall routine for complete removal of all database changes.

... and all that integrated in the stylish WordPress 2.9 look.

You may have "DMSGuestbook" installed - that's great, because since version 0.9.5 Gwolle-GB enables you to import DMSGuestbook's entries easily using an assistant. The importer does not delete any of your data, so you can go back to DMSGuestbook without loss of data, if you want to. Trying Gwolle-GB is easy as 1-2-3.

For a demo, visit the plugin's homepage (http://www.wolfgangtimme.de/blog/category/gwolle-gb/). Feel free to drop me a message in the WordPress.org forums or send me an email to gwolle (at) wolfgangtimme (dot) de. You may also use my homepage's comment section. I'd be glad to hear your opinion and/or feature request.

Please note: At the moment, Gwolle-GB does not work with WordPress MU. I'm working on it, but at the moment it's just not working. Sorry, guys!


0.9.7 [new] Removed the 'guestbook link' setting and replaced it with a field for the corresponding $post_id; it should be detected by default. [fix] New entries are validated and if this fails the user will be sent back to the 'write' page, but now without any $_POST data. Please note: The widget is planned for a future release. Use it at your own risk. (2nd emergency release) [fix] 'Number of entries' setting is now applied again to the 'read' frontpage. (Thanks, Kristin!) (emergency release) [new] Added log message to track if an entry has been changed using the editor. [fix] Fixed several bugs.

0.9.6 [new] When viewing 'all' entries you can now enable/disable entries by just clicking at the icon. (AJAX, Yey!) [new] French language (thanks, cobestran.com) [new] Author's can now be linked to his/her website. (Can be turned off in the settings.) [new] Smilies are now replaced using the built-in WP smiley engine. (Can be turned off in the settings.) [fix] 'Spam' is now only an attribute, no longer a state. This results in only two states: 'checked' and 'unchecked'. [fix] Cleaned up the code a lot and using a lot of functions. (Check the "func.php" files for futher reading.) [fix] Date is now displayed as configured at the WP options page. [fix] Admin entries: Only show stuff member's name if found.

0.9.5 [new] You can now import guestbook entries from the popular "DMSGuestbook" plugin easily. [fix] Correctly displaying author's name if it contains HTML elements such as tags [fix] stripslashes on author's location, so locations like "My aunt's house" are displayed correctly. [fix] the_content() now just returns the guestbook instead of echo'ing it. This way, other plugins are able to modify the content. [fix] Added success message when uninstall is completed. [new] Option to output text before/after the [gwolle-gb]-Tag, as requested [new] Whois link for IP address of the entry author [new] Entry content can now be send with the notification mail. For security reasons '<' and '>' are send as '{' and '}'. [new] Polish language (thanks, Daniel Speichert!) [new] Spanish language (thanks, JoseĢ Luis Sanz Ruiz!) [fix] Support for localization of the frontend [fix] Now coded in XHTML, just as pointed out by "KriLL3" [fix] German special chars ("Umlaute") are now displayed correctly. [fix] Metaboxes ('Save' etc.) are displayed again. Sorry for that one, folks! Now online again with http://wolfgangtimme.de/blog/! As this release alters your Gwolle-GB database tables I highly recommend to backup the old ones. If you're experiencing any errors please report them immediately. Thanks! [new] Option to toggle the visibility of line breaks [fix] All tables & fields are now UTF8 (-> support for Croation letters) [new] After deleting an entry directly from the entries page you'll be redirected to that specific page (spam/unlocked/locked/all) [fix] reCAPTCHA library is not include if that's already been done by another plugin. [new] Dutch translation added. Thank you, timomaas! [fix] Now using wp_mail() instead of mail() to send email notifications. [fix] stripslashes on the user-defined admin mail text. [new] mass editing of entries added [new] Notification list shows ALL subscribers, including the current user. [fix] Redirection failed again. [new] Added an option to set link to the guestbook manually. [rem] Removed the version check because of some problems. [fix] Redirection to reading page after posting entry sometimes failed. [new] Option to set the number of entries displayed in reading mode. [new] Option to set the mail notification text [new] When uninstalling via the plugin's setting panel you'll be asked to confirm again. [new] Notification mails now can include a direct link to the editor, speeding things up for you.

Requires: 2.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.0 RC1
Last Updated: 2010-5-28
Downloads: 38,560


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3.7 out of 5 stars


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